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Anti-maskers: My “Freedom” Means More Than Your Life

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Anti-maskers are everywhere. It’s sad that these people care more about their so-called “freedom” than they do about other people’s lives. Alas, this is the typical mindset for Evangelicals and Republicans. They think they should be able to do whatever the hell they want, regardless of the negative impact it’ll have on others, and everyone is supposed to just shut up about it.

Look at this piece of work, for example. She’s out there ruining other people’s mealtime because she wants to exercise her right to be stupid and annoying. Even though there’s a policy in place for everyone to wear a mask, she wants special privileges. She has the gall to claim that she’s being discriminated against because she wants special treatment. Obviously she has no clue what discrimination actually is. And isn’t it awesome how she manages to slip in a big fat kiss on Trump’s ass while she’s doing this? Fantastic.

These people are so unbelievably selfish and wrong. They don’t want to admit it, in fact they argue that they’re the good and loving ones, but in reality, they’re stupid and they’re monsters. If you value doing what you want to do over doing what’s right for the safety of the population, you’re a selfish asshole, plain and simple. This isn’t up for debate. If you think your “right” to not wear a mask is more important than other human lives, you’re a shitty person. 

These people like to say “I’m not sick, I shouldn’t have to wear a mask!” Well, here are a few points for you: 1) You don’t know that you’re not sick, because you can be asymptomatic even when you’re infected and infectious, and you can also be post-symptomatic and still be infectious. So, you have no idea if you’re a carrier. 2) You’re reducing your chances of getting the virus yourself when you wear a mask, so if you’re that selfish, you should want to wear one for your own sake, even if you don’t give a shit about anyone else. “But muh freedum!” Of course, it’s all about you, and your ignorant interpretation of freedom.

Many anti-maskers go even further, claiming that mask wearing is part of a global plot to control the population so that Bill Gates or whoever can microchip everyone and turn us into product-buying drones, or some such shit. I can’t even keep up with all the conspiracies anymore. It’s all ridiculous. They would rather believe in some totally impossible global conspiracy than believe that science is real and wearing a mask saves lives. Simple is boring, so the outlandish must be the truth. Apparently the knowledge that wearing a mask is keeping people from dying doesn’t give them the same adrenaline rush that they get from believing that they’re standing up against the evil Satanic plot to overthrow “good Christian” society through the mass behavioral control of mask wearing. 

I really cannot even get my head around these people and their stupidity. They want to do whatever they want, no matter the consequences. Not only do they not care about themselves, they don’t care about others. Of course, a lot of them think they don’t have to worry about getting sick themselves, because their sky-person will protect them. Even though thousands of their kind have died from catching Covid, they still think they’re not going to get it. Some even claim that other people got Covid because they weren’t faithful enough. Yes, god will protect, unless he doesn’t, and if he doesn’t, it was your fault, or maybe fake news, but totally not because he isn’t real and the idea of divine protection is fucking stupid.

I know this piece is going to piss people off, and if it does, so be it. If you’re not wearing a mask, and you don’t have a 100% legitimate medical reason for it, you’re endangering people’s lives. If you won’t put a mask on your face because of some twisted idea of being oppressed, you’re an asshole. Wear the fucking mask! I know, it sucks, I hate it too, but it’s the right thing to do. Look at countries that went into lock-down quickly, where people wore masks and did social distancing. They’re so much better off now. It’s science. Just do it. If it weren’t for idiot politicians like Trump and moron anti-maskers, we’d be through this by now. When you refuse to wear a mask, those deaths that keep racking up are on your hands. You’re a potential murderer. Like it or not, that’s the truth. You could be responsible for killing someone. If that doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, if that doesn’t make you care, then you really have no heart and are not worthy of existing on this planet with the rest of us decent people.

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