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Amigurumi: Something Trendy That I Actually Like

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Amigurumi Frog - Image: © Briana Blair
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Amigurumi Frog - Image: © Briana Blair

I’ve always been against making trendy things. Mostly because a lot of what’s in style is stuff that I don’t like. When you’re creating things, you do have to appeal to the audience, but if you’re making things that you don’t love and believe in, it comes through in the quality of the work and the way you talk about it. Interestingly enough though, I’ve actually found something trendy that I enjoy making.

I’m sure many of you have seen my little amigurumi creations. I have seven up in my shop and a few more that I haven’t listed yet. I wasn’t really thinking about popularity when I started making them. An online acquaintance knew I could crochet and suggested that I try amigurumi. I’d actually done it before, but not in a long time. It seemed like a great idea, especially since I had been pondering how I could turn my leftover crochet cotton into something I could sell.

So, I made my first little critter. I didn’t have a pattern, but I looked at some photos online and combined that with what I already knew, and the little octopus was born. Amigurumi is all done in single crochet, so I found it pretty easy to figure out patterns and start making animals. As it happens, amigurumi has been really popular since 2005, and is still growing in popularity. It’s actually trendy and cool.

I never would have thought that I would get in on a trend, but here I am. I’ll still make jewelry and other items, but doing amigurumi is enjoyable, and it uses materials that I already have. My pieces are a bit unique too, since so few people work in crochet cotton and hardly any use craft foam for eyes and limbs. It’s always good to stand out in some way when you’re making something popular, that way you don’t just become yet another person selling what everyone else is selling.

I’m surprised at how much these little guys can sell for too. It seems the standard is $10-20 each. That’s pretty good for the amount of time that it takes me to make them. I’ll charge on the low end for simple ones and on the higher end for the more complex ones. With the amount of crochet cotton and foam that I have, I can produce quite a line of these little guys.

I’m probably going to try making a few more animals than I already have, then I’ll go back and reproduce them in more colors. I have a lot of white and cream, and just now, while writing this, I came up with a great idea for how I can make that plain color into something cool. I Googled it, and I can’t find anyone else doing what I just thought of. How awesome will it be to have something totally unique? Very!

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