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Act As If You Affect Everyone

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I’m finally noticing a shift in the way people are thinking and behaving, and it’s a good thing. The knowledge that everyone is connected is slowly spreading and reaching more people.

I truly believe that we are all connected. My actions not only affect me and the people I directly interact with, it spreads and affects others indirectly. With this belief in mind, I try each day to behave as is everything I do has that ripple effect. What kind of ripples do I want to send out?

I want people to be good to each other. I want them to care for one another. I want people to think and question everything, but not in just the negative, pessimistic way. I want them to wonder why things are the way they are, and wonder what they can do to make it better. I want them to care enough to *try* to make it better rather than being apathetic and just saying “that’s the way things are”.

We should each act as if what we does affects everyone. As if every word and action paints a picture of us that the world can see. The reality is, that’s already what we’re all doing, we’re just not giving conscious thought to it, and we should be. When you’re rude to a clerk or mean to your child, you’re painting that picture for the world to see, and people are taking that picture and showing it to others. They’re carrying your rude and mean with them and sharing it with others. If you were polite and kind, that’s the image others would see and share.

A lot of people refuse to take personal responsibility for their actions, and blame everything on others. “They shouldn’t have reacted that way!” Sometimes it’s another’s fault, but we can try to put our best image forward instead of acting like jerks and blaming it on others. It takes effort to always be the best you can be, but it’s worth it.

Are you consciously aware of the picture you’re painting for the world? Do you try to always be your best self and make the world a better place?

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