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About the Herbal Health Series

Herbs Spices - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Herbs Spices - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I have written a series of articles about Herbal Health. Here’s why I wrote it and what it’s all about.

I have been studying herbs and herbal health since my late teens. It’s always been something that interested me, and I loved that there were ways to take care of my health without the use of man-made chemicals. I’ve always preferred to be as natural as possible, and herbal healing allows us to use the cures that nature created for us.

I really got into herbalism when I was about 18 and living out in the country. I used to go for walks in the woods, and I was curious about all the different types of plant life I could find. I got myself a copy of the Reader’s Digest Illustrated Guide to North American Wildlife and started identifying as many species as I could. I’d even take samples and press them in wax paper between the pages to give myself a real example of each plant.

As I was reading the book I noted that some of the plants were rumored to have various healing effects, such as chickweed being used to cure colic and lead poisoning. This fascinated me, and so I started doing more research into the medicinal uses of the plants that grew in my area, as well as others that didn’t. I weeded through the old wives’ tales and found the facts, and was amazed at all the plants and herbs that could be used for healing a person.

It wasn’t long before I started harvesting wild herbs and growing my own as well. I had found that many cooking spices not only tasted great, they also had health benefits. I could actually cook in ways that would make the food delicious and medicinal at the same time. Ever since then, I have learned more and more about medicinal plants, how to find them, cultivate them, and use them in both cooking and other medicinal preparations.

Over the years I’ve found some great books on herbalism, and even took courses on medicinal herbalism. I have used a number of herbal cures over the years, and many of them I have made myself with herbs that I gathered from the wild or purchased at local herb shops. I find herbs to be wonderful for healing, and that’s why I started writing articles about herbs and herbal healing. I wanted to share my experience with others, both those who already use herbal healing, and those who are still unsure about it.

One of the reasons I share what I know is because herbs can be acquired without prescription, sometimes for free in the wild, and can be gotten by people who are too poor to get to doctors and buy prescription medications. I had been treating my thyroiditis through the use of herbs for many years because I couldn’t afford to go to a doctor. If I didn’t know anything about herbs or how to use them, I might not even be alive right now. Herbs have kept me well enough to keep going, and I thank every book and person that ever taught me anything about them.

Now, I must state that I’m not a certified herbal healer, and it’s always wise to go to a professional doctor or herbal healer if at all possible. Herbs can cause allergic reaction or have side-effects. If you’re going to use herbs on your own, you need to know the risks and learn as much as possible before you begin any herbal treatment.

I hope that my series of Herbal Health articles will be helpful to my readers. I enjoy writing the articles, and I will be adding more to the series as time allows. I try to share not only the facts with you, but also my own personal experiences. Knowing how something works in practical application can be a big deal when choosing an herbal treatment. Hopefully I’m educating my readers and providing a resource that will be useful for years to come.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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