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Abortion, Birth Control and Long Term Consequences

Skull Skeleton Dead
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Skull Skeleton DeadAbortion is one of those things that I have a serious problem with. I don’t like the idea of eliminating a life before it has a chance, and on the other hand I have seen plenty of cases where it’s a necessary medical treatment. I don’t think that it should be used as an alternative for birth control or proper sex education. Then there are the extremist pro-lifers that quite frankly scare the bejeesus out of me. Bombing someplace to protest murder seems a little hypocritical to me.

Abortion is a necessary medical procedure in some cases, no matter what anyone says. I will not stop being rational no matter how distasteful I might find anything. Are you going to tell a woman that she and her embryo have to die because someone’s religion said so? I know personally of women who if they conceived would die and take the baby with them if they attempted to carry to term. An abortion would at least save one of them. Who are you to murder the mother? What about the child born of incest or rape? How do you explain to them that they have to go live with their uncle/father who is a child molester and rapist?

I simply do not understand the stance that abortion is morally wrong either. They rail about how abortion is murder and that women should be forced to carry to term. Have they considered the morality of forcing a child to grow up in a slum, with a single teenage mother who they will now berate for having a child out of wedlock? Is it moral to allow another child to go hungry, lack a decent education, and end up in prison because of his poor upbringing all because someone thinks it’s immoral to destroy an embryo that lacks sentience?

Birth control is another thing that religious extremists like to rail against. I frankly don’t understand their anti-technology stance either. Hundreds of years of medical breakthroughs and they want to throw the knowledge away? As the mechanic once said “There’s your problem right there”. You can call childbirth a blessing all you want, but it won’t make me understand the underage prostitute who has another child to get a check from the govt. Children are NOT a paycheck, they are our future.

Refusing birth control, sex education, and abortion as valid medical breakthroughs will hasten the end of the world you’re always preaching about. Maybe that’s why? You want overpopulation, ignorance, disease, and famine to run rampant? Look at the long term consequences of your stance. Consider the logical outcome of a desire to procreate with no means of population control. Centuries past, there was a NEED to procreate prolifically. Diseases, famine, war, malnutrition, harsh living conditions. All these things and more contributed to people not living very long, so the more children you had the better chance that one or two would keep the species alive. Nowadays overpopulation is a very real problem.

Try to eliminate traditions that will turn this world into a festering pit of despair from which there is no escape. If you can’t question your traditions, then don’t get alarmed when the rest of us don’t follow your pro-armageddon ideas. If you ask me, procreation should require a license and a psychiatric evaluation.



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