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50 Common Pagan Myths – 48 – All Pagans Are Going To Hell

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I hesitate to even have this on the list, but it is a widely held belief. It’s a belief only held by followers of other religions, but it’s still there.

First off, you are not likely to ever find a Pagan who believes in hell. As a Christian construct, it has no place in our faith. Like the Devil, it’s not something that we put any stock in. So, if you ask a Pagan, none of us are going to hell, because it doesn’t exist, and therefore can’t happen. Ask folks of other religions though, and they’ll say we’re all on a fast track to eternal damnation.

This belief comes from the idea that because we don’t believe in their god we’re all evil, and evil people go to hell. Add to that the belief they have that we’re in league with the Devil and demons, and you may as well say we’re all just going home when we die.

We do not believe that we are going to hell when we die. Others do, but not us. Now, there are Pagans who believe in a hell-like place, but not all do. Pagans have a wide variety of beliefs about what happens after we die. Some think we simply end, others believe we reincarnate in part or in whole, others think we move on to a better or worse place, and those are just a few options.

Honestly, nobody knows what’s going to happen when we die. We don’t know if Heaven, Hell, the Happy Hunting Grounds, Hades, Elysium or any of those places actually exist. Maybe none of them do, maybe they all do. All that’s for certain is that it’s not even remotely reasonable to believe that every follower of a particular religion is going to a good or bad place when they die. Every person is different, and if there are various destinations, we probably get judged individually, not as a whole to decide where we go.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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