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50 Common Pagan Myths – 38 – Pagans Are All Freaks

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Depending on how you look at it, this is either entirely true, or largely false. Personally, I think that all people are freaks (defined: unusual, bizarre or unexpected) in some way, which would make it completely true that all Pagans are freaks. However, society typically uses this term as a pejorative, in which case I would say that it is not often true.

Whether or not someone is considered to be a freak all depends on who’s doing the looking. If a conservative looks at a liberal, they think the liberal is a freak. If someone who favors a suit and tie looks at someone in goth attire, they’d consider them a freak. The term freak has gotten quite maligned, and it’s generally thrown around as an insult to anyone who doesn’t fit someone else’s idea of normal.

This problem goes even deeper due to the fact that there are so many misconceptions about Pagans. That’s actually what this series serves to address. By dispelling the myths that surround Pagans, it can help people to realize that they’re not that different from anyone else, and they’re certainly not as weird and scary as many people think they are.

Now, it’s worth noting that a lot of Pagans actually have taken to seeing the term “freak” as a compliment. To them, it means that someone can tell they’re not sheep like everyone else, and that they have some uniqueness to them. For people who don’t value conformity, that’s a good thing. For lots of us, being called a freak just means that we’re doing it right, living and looking our own unique way so that we’re not just another part of the faceless masses.


*Disclaimer: I no longer practice Paganism, but I’ve left these Pagan Myths articles active because I believe they’re still valuable in helping people to understand Paganism and reduce negative stereotypes.*

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Briana Blair

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