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50 Common Pagan Myths – 28 – All Witches Are Women

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This myth is pretty old, but there are still some people who believe it. It was once believed that only women could be witches, as men were missing some mystical aspect that would make it possible. History proves that to be untrue.

There have been magickal practitioners of both genders since the beginning. Even cave drawings show depictions of tribal shamans performing their magick. Some believe that the idea of only women being witches had something to do with the anti-female sentiments of a large portion of our history, others think it arose as women started to accept their true power, but we may never know the actual story.

Today you’ll see witches of every kind: Male, female, and non-binary, all practicing magick and following Pagan paths. There is no rule anywhere that says magickal practices can only be done by those of a particular gender. As I’ve said before, magick exists to be used by anyone.

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