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50 Common Pagan Myths – 27 – Spells Have To Be Complicated And Rhyme

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This myth falls right alongside the idea that big rituals are better or more powerful than simpler practices. A lot of folks out there think that in order for a spell to work, it has to be long, involved, and probably rhymes. Like many other things on this list, this is actually a matter of preference that people have tried to claim is a rule.

Whether a spell is long or short has no bearing on its effectiveness. It’s all about focusing the energy and intent such that you achieve the desired outcome. You should use whichever one feels better for you in the particular situation. You can use only one or the other, or switch between the two as you see fit.

As for rhyming, the reason for this is simple: rhythm can help with focus. When the words you’re using sound nice, flow well and have a rhythm, it can help you to focus your energy. Much the way you can get lost in a song with a good beat and catchy lyrics, the same can be true of a spell. A rhyming setup can make a spell feel more powerful than one that’s just words or sentences. It’s all about your preference though. Some people can’t stand rhyming spells, some people love them. Some find it easier to write rhyming spells,while others have an easier time writing in other styles. Do whichever feels right for you.


*Disclaimer: I no longer practice Paganism, but I’ve left these Pagan Myths articles active because I believe they’re still valuable in helping people to understand Paganism and reduce negative stereotypes.*

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