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50 Common Pagan Myths – 11 – Pagans Have To Be Vegan

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There is absolutely nothing within Paganism that says you need to be vegan or vegetarian to be part of the faith. While it is expected in some other religions, it’s not in Paganism.

Pagans have all sorts of dietary needs and beliefs, just like anyone else. Some may take their respect of nature to the level that they give up eating animals, but they’re not the majority. Some Pagans even believe that it’s a great gift to consume the life force of a living being.

Be wary of anyone who tells you that you have to be vegan, or anything else, to be Pagan. Also keep in mind that you’re not a “better” Pagan (or person for that matter) if you quit eating meat. You’re just a person who makes different choices. Simply put, you can enjoy kale and quinoa, or that bacon cheeseburger, and still be a good Pagan.

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