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5 Real Signs That You’re Meant To Be A Witch

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Separating Reality From Fantasy

If you’ve been on the internet lately, and especially on Pinterest, you’ve seen hundreds of articles claiming to tell you the signs that you’re a witch. They may claim that anything from your eye color to your place of birth is a “true” or “positive” sign that you’re a witch. As much as you may enjoy these articles, the truth is that a lot of the signs people say define you as a witch, really don’t mean anything. I even listed this in my series of common Pagan myths.

For instance, having an odd birthmark doesn’t mean you’re a witch. Lots of people have them and contrary to ages-old beliefs, they’re not really special. Having eyes with colored flecks is also not a sign of a witch. It’s just something that happens. Palm lines aren’t really indicative of anything either. Honestly, if you read a lot of the articles that are out there, you’d think that everyone is a witch! As much fun as it might be to think that there are easy-to-see signs that tell you for sure if you’re a witch, there really aren’t.

Don’t be discouraged though, there are some things that can help you to know if you’re meant to be a witch. They’re not as easy to find as looking in the mirror, but with a little thought and introspection, you can figure it out. So, let’s talk about some of those signs…

Witchcraft And Spells Call To You

One sign that can truly point to you actually being a witch is that witchcraft and spells call to you. You love reading everything about witchcraft, and not just from a historical standpoint. Tales of witches and witchcraft bring you joy. You love reading spells, and you feel drawn to try them. You may have even done some dabbling already.

If witchcraft is really in you, not only will you gravitate to the topic, you’ll often get a gut feeling about spells and information. You’ll just have this feeling inside you when you read a spell or article that tells you that it’s good, or that it’s a load of bunk. That gut feeling is something you’ll want to hold on to and hone over time.

By the way, loving witchy movies and books doesn’t mean you’re meant to be a witch. However, if you get strong feelings about what’s right or wrong in how the characters practice or act, you might be. Liking witchy things doesn’t mean much, but when you get those gut instincts about it, it may be that something deep inside you is trying to get your attention.

You’ve Already Made Things Happen

If you’ve ever made things happen that seemed magickal, it’s quite possible that you did, and that you’re a witch. Truth be told, any human being can cast a spell without even knowing it, by putting a big burst of emotion into a desire. However if you’ve done some little thing or had a thought a few times and had results come of it, you may be practicing instinctive magick. 

Take a good look at your life and examine any events where something happened that really struck you as magickal or miraculous. Weed out anything where there’s a good chance that it was a coincidence, and pay special attention to any times when you did something and got a positive result. For example, have you spoken your desires over your morning beverage and then had those desires come into reality, and done it more than once? Have you wished that someone would get a job/interview/good thing on more than one occasion, and they did? Have you ever wished for the weather to change and gotten it to work more than one time? If so, these could be real signs that you’re a witch, and already working magick in your life.

You Feel The Energies

Most witches can sense energies in people and things. It may be referred to as “aura reading” or psychometry, among other terms, when in reference to items. It can also be called aura reading or empathic perception when it’s referring to people. Every witch experiences this with different degrees of intensity and accuracy, but most of us are able to pick up energy coming from items or people.

Reading energies from people, seeing their auras or sensing their emotions is one way that a witch may experience energy. If you see auras, that could be a sign, so long as it’s not a medical issue altering your vision. Empathy can exist in anyone, but it takes on a new meaning in a witch. An empathic witch senses things more deeply and can learn more from it than the average person. If you’re an empathic witch, or sensitive to living energies, you may feel like you need to protect yourself from it, and it can have negative effects on you until you know how to control it.

Psychometry is when you pick up energies from items. Some people can go so far as to know information regarding the item’s history and use, while others simply get “vibes” from items. Every witch is different, and even low-level energy awareness can be useful. If you get good, bad, or weird feelings just from being near or especially from touching objects, this may be one of your witchy powers showing itself to you.

You Seem To Have “Powers”

As much as we all wish we did, most of us don’t have supernatural powers. Witchcraft and magick just aren’t as flashy as the movies and TV would like us to think. However, many of us have one or more abilities that are beyond normal, and this can be a sign that you’re a witch. 

I already mentioned energy reading on people or objects. Other “powers” can include: an ability to communicate with animals in a way that seems truly meaningful. Predicting future events with some amount of reliability. Having a way with words that seems to have significant sway over others. Being able to affect the weather or the elements on a regular basis. Having what seems to be unnaturally good luck. Being able to wish things for others and getting it to happen.

There are actually a lot of things that can qualify as witchy powers. If you can do something that seems above and beyond the norm, and your results can’t be explained away as coincidence or luck, you might really have a true ability.

It Keeps Coming Into Your Life

One thing that seems to hold true is that if you’re meant to be a witch, it’s going to keep coming up in your life over and over. While it’s true that some people who should be witches never become one due to outside influences, for many of us it’s inescapable. No matter what we do, the metaphysical keeps finding its way into our lives. We see movies, find books, come across websites, see signs, get dreams, and just find that it keeps coming to us whether we want it or not. Fighting it can actually make it worse.

If you’re really meant to be a witch, chances are high that it’s going to keep coming up until you face it. It won’t be a fleeting curiosity or something you grow out of. You won’t need to look at your palms or find a third nipple to know, you’re going to feel it in your gut. Eventually, the truth will be apparent to you no matter what anyone else says. If you’re meant to travel the path of the witch, you’ll find yourself on it sooner or later.

Do you think there are “real” signs that someone’s a witch? How did you know that you were one? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments.

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