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Simple Black Candle Protection Spell

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This simple black candle spell is a very effective way to banish negative energies and protect yourself from ill will and attacks, both spiritual and mundane.

If you like, you can perform a ritual cleansing, cast a circle, adorn your altar, or do whatever other ritual preparation you see fit before beginning this spell.

What you’ll need:

A black candle, a quiet space

When you’re ready to begin, imagine that as you recite this incantation, you’re forming a strong iron cage around yourself or your space. This cage cannot be entered by anything that you don’t want there. It protects you completely. Anything that attempts to affect you in a negative manner is deflected away from you.

Light your candle and recite these words:

Darkness swirls,
And evils attack.
That which is wicked,
I push thee back.
Forces of evil,
You are rejected.
By holy light
I am protected.
From my path
All harm is deflected.
These words are my ward,
I am protected.

Continue to focus on your protective cage as you allow the candle to burn. Believe that even when you can’t see the cage in your mind, it’s still there, protecting you. It’s reinforced with pure magical energy and will keep you from harm.

If you’re using this spell to protect a space, I recommend burning the candle as close to the middle of the room/home as possible, and envision the cage surrounding the whole area.

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