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Slurping Up the Past & Icky Feelings – Soul Journey Musings #28

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Posted by / September 19, 2016 / 0 Comments

Okay, so I decided to listen to that internal guidance system of mine and not bother going back through all my old posts to remove the negative stuff. If something happens to bring one of them to my attention, I’ll deal with it, but trying to go through nearly 1500 posts is giving me a headache and tension, and that’s not a good sign.

When I started getting more achy I took a moment to relax, and I got a mental playback of this Abraham Hicks thing that I listened to. She was talking about how when we’re working to clear our energy and blockages we can get really paranoid about everything we think and say. I laughed so hard at that. She was talking about how we go through stages with LOA. (I’ll paraphrase the best I can)

You go from “Wow, I can create my own future with my thoughts? Great!” to “Oh, I create the world with my thoughts? That’s a lot of work.” to “Cancel. [slurp sound] Cancel! [more slurping sounds]” trying to suck all your thoughts back in before the Law of Attraction gets hold of them and screws up your life.

The thing is, it’s okay to make mistakes, to have feelings that aren’t bright and shiny… All of that is okay. It’s not going to be the end of the world. When I got to thinking about it, if a person reading one of my more angry posts has read anything else by me, they probably get that I’m on a journey, and every once in a while I blow my top, then the dust settles, and I’m back on track. Being a zen goddess takes time and practice!

The lesson I’m being reminded of is that there’s no shame in being who I was. Even at my most angry and expletive laden points, I was still trying to help the world and make it a better place. My approach may have been rough, but my intention was in the right place. So, I’m going to shake off those feelings and move on!

Oh, did you notice that I found a title for my journal posts? “Soul Journey Musings” sounds nice, doesn’t it? It’s artistic (like me) and represents the fact that it’s a journey, and will cover all sorts of thoughts. I like it. *smiles* By the way, isn’t that chipmunk cute, stuffing his face with food with that look like “What? Don’t you eat 20 pieces at a time?” Slurp!

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