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Sharing the Positive – Soul Journey Musings #29

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I just got done sharing a body positive article to my Yoga and Body collection on G+. I’ve gotten back into sharing more positive content. It’s not always easy to find or do, but I really believe it’s better to share positive things than negative ones.

Not too long ago I shared a photo of an emaciated woman [image] and went on a rant about the new “ab crack” trend. Learning that there was yet another self-destructive trend causing women to hate and harm their bodies drove me over the edge. More than anything, I just want to stop eating disorders and get women to love themselves rather than thinking that a dress size or someone else’s opinion is the key to happiness. The thing is, that post made me feel pretty crappy after about a day. Sure, people jumped on board, but it wasn’t how I wanted. Comments like “disgusting” and “she looks horrible” were not what I was going for. These women have eating disorders combined with lack of confidence and self esteem. They need help and love, not to have even more people telling them that they’re not good enough.

So, with that sick feeling clinging to my skin like warm Saran Wrap, I knew something had to change. I had to do this right. What’s my real message? What do I want to accomplish? Since then, I have been going out of my way to find positive articles that reflect what I actually want to see. I search for new articles every day on loving your body, loving yourself, being your best you, connecting to spirituality, goodness in society, and various other things. I store them up in a bookmark folder and share several every week. This feels a whole lot better!

It’s so easy to just rant and bitch and scream about things you don’t like. Nearly everyone does it. Even the best among us can have a sore nerve hit and go off into a gush of vitriol. We even feel better for a while because we’ve vented, and others will jump in and bitch right along with us. People share how we feel! How wonderful! Not really. You see, anger and hate don’t really fix anything. They don’t inspire a lot of change. People get pissed, then they go off and forget about it.

When you share a positive post or article, you’re putting something good out there. You’re showing people that it can be different, it can be better. Yes, sadly, a lot of people run from good things like the plague, but that’s not something you can help. However, by sharing positive rather than negative, you’re putting that good energy out there. You’re showing people and the universe what you want to see. You’re creating one more way that someone who needs or wants to see that can find it.

I’ll admit, it’s not always easy to find a positive angle on the issues that get under your skin, but I think everyone should try. I know that I’m doing it as much as I can, and I’ll be trying harder in the future to remind myself that I want to bring the best of the world to light, not add to the murk that’s hiding it in the first place.

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