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Rearranging Ideas and Getting Crafty

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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life can get you sidetracked sometimes, plus, I took some personal time to get away from things and focus on my health. Today though, I’m getting back on track by sorting out my crafting ideas list.

I have this Google Doc with all the ideas I have for things that I want to make and put into the shop. Until now the ideas were just added in the order I got them, and highlighted when I finished them. Unfortunately, that’s gotten a bit overwhelming. It’s hard to choose what to do. So, I’m reorganizing the list. The first thing I did was to move things to the bottom of the list if I don’t have the materials to complete the project. If I can’t do them now, there’s no need for them to be near the top.

Next I sorted the remaining ideas based on what would be the easiest to do. For instance, I actually have some mini e-books already done, I just need to put them in the shop. I’m also going to be offering some services, and all I need to do for that is make the listing. After that, it’s ideas where I have all the materials, I just need to do some work.

Of course, there’s a whole section that I still need to deal with where I have all or most of the materials, but I’m not sure quite how to bring the idea to life. Those ones will need more work. It’s actually too bad that I don’t have anything to invest into materials right now, because I have some great stuff in the section that “needs materials” that I have never seen available for sale anywhere. Exclusive “you can only get them here” items would be fantastic. Alas, I’ll have to hold off until the universe provides a little more wiggle room in the budget.

I am glad that there are a handful of ideas that I can pull off with materials I already have. At least one of them is something I’ve never seen for sale anywhere else. Gods willing, I’ll be able to make it as beautifully as I want to and people will want them. I do feel a bit bad that a lot of things in the shop are so limited, but I suppose that’s actually a big part of what makes them special. I can’t make 100 of everything, and everything’s different, so no one else will have something exactly like yours. You may snag up an item or ingredient that can’t be gotten anywhere else and I may or may not ever have more of. It’s kind of an adventure for the customer, where you’ll end up with a unique and special treasure.

Well, I need to quit yapping and get to work. I’m so eager to be creating again. If all goes well, there will be new items in the shop next week!

Love to all of you, and don’t forget: Spread the word, tell your friends about the shop!

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