Soul Journey Musings #24 - BrianaDragon Creations

Soul Journey Musings #24

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     Oh holy Hades what a day so far! Actually, the morning started off pretty well. I woke up from a good dream and then spent almost an hour doing yoga. I’m trying to get my legs stretched out, so it was a tough session, but a good one. I turned on SoundScapes for background music and that made it pretty nice.

     The hair-pulling part came with trying to get the MailChimp (hence the monkey image) subscriptions set back up. I turned off the newsletter a while back, but I want it back on now so you folks can stay updated. I’m still not finished, but I finally got the feed itself to work and got the images to show up in it. Now subscribers will get a once-weekly newsletter with new products and new posts. I know, it’s a mash-up, not “professional” and not what others do, but it’s what I’m doing. I actually had it set up this way before, until I let all the “professionals” out there convince me that it was wrong. Well, I like it this way, so I’m going back to it.

     At any rate, I need to get the subscribe box to show on the site again, then that will be finished. It’s been a pain in the ass getting all this turned back on, but I’m not freaking. There was a moment where I had to go outside because that crappy voice in my head was telling me that I was a failure and I should just shut up, quit doing stupid things and die. I didn’t want to hear that voice, so I put it in its place and got myself straight. I also accomplished what I wanted. *grins*

     After I get that box turned back on I think I’m going to work on crafting or something. Right now though, Eric is cooking hot links, the house smells amazing, and I need to go eat. Food. Mmmmm. *smiles*

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