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Soul Journey Musings #23

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     Okay… So, I had a bit of a rough time earlier, but I’m feeling better now. After years of putting it off for some unknown reason, I watched Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. It’s a really good movie and I didn’t want it to end. I really needed something magical like that to lift my spirits.

     *sighs* I’m trying to change the way I think. I need to get away from all the thoughts that are bogging me down and hold onto thoughts that feel good. I need to let go of all the negativity that would have me think that I’m just a crazy person, a dreamer (as if that’s a bad thing) and that things can’t work the way I want them to. There was a time when things did work that way, so why can’t they again? Times have changed. Yup, but that doesn’t really mean anything. What’s true today might not be tomorrow. Things are always changing.

     For instance, I remember a time when no one did SEO, people did journals and web sites, and they got found. Some even got popular. Someone invented SEO to make money, it wasn’t necessary in the past, so why does it have to be now? Just because it’s some people’s reality doesn’t mean it’s real reality. Who’s to say that I can’t just write what I want, when I want, and be found and be popular? Hmm?? People who are stuck thinking what they’ve been told to think, that’s who. People do “impossible” things all the time, so it must not actually be impossible, right?

     I think my business could be like that too. You know, not following the rules but still being successful. Why can’t I just make things and list them and expect that I’ll get found by the right people, sell my items and be successful? Stranger things can happen and have happened. Seriously. Want an example? There’s this dude that makes hand carved toothpicks. Big whoop, right? Well, get this… He made 110 of them. Each one comes in a signed and numbered card. (hand written, nothing fancy) He sold the first one for $0.25. He raises the price for each one. (Doesn’t sound like a very good business model, does it?) At last check he’s sold 71 of them, with the most recent one going for $86.64. For a toothpick! That’s $950.11 from 71 toothpicks. The 110th toothpick is set to sell for $3564.57. It’s crazy, but you know what, I hope he succeeds. He’s gotten more than half way! See? Anything is possible!

     I got this vision earlier, and I think I need to stick with it. I imagined my products at the center of a spider web. The universe is the spider that sits there with them. The arms and bars of the web stretch all over the globe. Customers are like flies that can get stuck in the web, and the universe will reel them in toward my items. Unlike a real spider and flies though, no one gets eaten. The customer just gets a cool thing, I get money, and everyone walks away happy. Selling used to be that easy for me, why can’t it be again? Just because other people believe that running a crafting business from home is insanely hard doesn’t mean that I have to. I could get luck, blessed, whatever you want to call it. it’s happened before, I need to believe that it can happen again.

     So, I need to just journal and make stuff and try to believe that it’ll all work out. I need to let go of the stress and worry and let the universe do its thing. If you listen to a lot of people out there, that’s how it’s supposed to work. (Yes, there are people who believe in The Secret/God/magic as much as some people believe in all the ugliness and hardship.) I don’t feel like it’ll be easy, but I’m going to keep trying. It’s a lot more enjoyable to think about than I’ll the struggle, I’ll tell you that.

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