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Soul Journey Musings #21

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Posted by / May 9, 2016 / 3 Comments

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     More and more I keep getting the urge to either quit using social media, or seriously limit it. Something about FaceBook and G+ just feels like more annoyance than they’re worth. Unless I delete a ton of people and lock them down so I don’t get new connections (I’m not sure you can even do that) I don’t know how to limit the crap that I experience when I go to them.

     Social networks haven’t been truly social in a long time. People post images that get a +1 or a like and little else. If they do have something real to share, they’re often lucky to get any kind of interaction at all, and often it’s crap that they don’t really want to see or deal with. Too often, people only comment when they have something negative to say or when they want to hear themselves talk. It’s not about the person who posted or what they said really. I don’t see a whole lot of real conversations happening on these sites, on my profile or anyone else’s. What I do see is a ton of stupidity and negativity and crap that I just don’t want to be bothered with.

     I get annoyed too that people seem incapable of understanding that when you read a blog post, you should comment on the post, not the damned social network. That’s why most blogs have a comment section. It’s not there to be pretty, it’s there to keep the interaction on the blog where it can do the writer some good. I know that I can disable comments on G+, but FaceBook doesn’t allow that. I’m going to start using that on G+. People can either come and comment on the blog or not comment at all. I know, someone’s going to get all offended and think that’s harsh, but a blogger is not in the wrong for wanting comments to be on the post rather than elsewhere. People get too offended over too much crap anyway. I’m sick of feeling guilty for other people not doing things correctly, and sick of so many people bending and dealing with crap because the users/readers won’t do things the right way.

     Anyway… *sighs* I don’t really use the damn social networks that much anyway. Only a tiny handful of people I know post anything worth looking at. I want my work to get out there and be seen, which is why I started using FB and G+, but aside from that, they’re not of much use to me anymore. I seriously miss the days when you just emailed your friends and that’s how you kept in touch. Now it’s like “Well, why aren’t you following me on X or Y or Z?! You’d know that if you were following me! And I’m SO not going to that place you use, you come to me or go to hell.” It’s so tempting to make note of just a few people, get their emails, and go old-school on their asses. I’ll write them a letter (email, not postal) once or twice a month and call it good. If they want to know what I’m up to they can email back or follow the blog. And if they don’t respond, screw ’em. I wonder what people would think of that.

     Oh, another thing that pisses me off is this crap that if you put up a notice saying you’re not going to be using social media anymore, people get all shitty and act like you’re attention seeking and a moron. Why does that happen? Because so many people have been pissy, attention seeking morons and now that’s what everyone expects. It’s such bullshit. Sometimes, a person actually means it. Maybe forever, maybe for a while, but some people really mean it, and they shouldn’t have to pay for the idiotic crap that other people have done. These social networks are chock full of passive-aggressive bullshit. Yet another reason I’m sick of them.

     Honestly, I don’t know what the hell to do. I’d like to be able to go online and chat with intelligent people and have conversations and fun, but these places are just full of so many idiots and so much crap that it sucks most of the enjoyment out of it. FB is the worst too, because even with an ad blocker on I still have this stream of crap on the sidebar, “trending” topics, friend suggestions, game suggestions and a feed that refuses to stay in chronological order. I kind of want to just stick to G+ and not use FB anymore, but I know that oddly enough, 99% of the people I’d want to interact with will not go outside of FB to keep up with what I’m doing. It kinda sucks. No, actually, it really sucks.

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    Briana Blair

    Just for the record, I did stop using Tumblr today. It was totally pointless.


      I never get responses on Tumblr…EVER. As to FB, I stop notifications on anyone who floods the “air waves” or posts crap. That leaves very few of my list imposing their “stuff.” I look up my friends when I have time and “like” their posts. They like that and so do I. I do it on my time and can miss someone for a while. It is OK. I’m in control. Of course, I do miss some important details, but if they believed it was really important for me to have, I would have gotten an email. How does that sound for you?

        Briana Blair

        It sounds like you’ve got a good handle on it Todd. 🙂 I do check on my “close friends list from time to time. Like you, I miss some stuff, but I check in now and again and try to socialize when I do.

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