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Finding The Magic in Your Jewelry (and Other Stuff)

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In a previous article, I wrote about how I chose to put the color and material correspondences on most of our items to help people understand and make use of the magical qualities those attributes possess. When I make something for the shop, I put energy into the piece, so it’s already charged with a bit of intention. You can actually do the same thing with items you already own, and it can really be good for you.

When you get up in the morning, think about how you feel. Are you happy? Maybe you should wear some orange or yellow to enhance that feeling. Have you just recovered from an illness? You could wear something green or some peridot to enhance your health energy. Maybe you’re feeling down? Wear something blue or made of steel to clear out the negative energy.

Shapes can be powerful too. A pair of fairy wing earrings can be great for when you need a little light and happiness in your life. Flowers can make you feel youthful and joyous. Skulls can help you celebrate your dark side.

Paying attention to the shapes, colors and materials of your jewelry, accessories and clothing is a simple way to practice what I call “mundane magic” or turning everyday things and activities into something more meaningful. Even if you’re not particularly spiritual, taking advantage of these things can make a difference in your life. and who doesn’t want to feel better and have a better life? I know I do!

If you’re looking for some help in choosing colors and such that will help you out, I have a page on color and material correspondences. When it comes to shapes and imagery, you could look online for meanings, but it’s really more important to think about what it means to you. Whether it’s a flower, a feather, a simple swoop or whatever shape or design, choose what to wear based on how it makes you feel.

It’s also good to look for combined meanings. For instance, a crescent moon shape symbolizes growth and new beginnings. If you have one that’s made of amethyst (new beginnings) and silver (magic) you’ve got a seriously powerful magical charm! You can even keep these things in mind when you’re buying new clothes or accessories, and deliberately choose things that will help you attain certain feelings or outcomes. The “power suit” isn’t the only thing out there that can make a difference when you wear it!

It may seem strange for the average person to think about these things, but it really can add that little something extra to your day. You don’t have to follow any specific spiritual path to add a little magic to your wardrobe, and your life.

Do you think about colors and materials when you choose what to wear? Would you consider doing it?

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