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It Was A Good Idea and Then… People

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*sighs* Have you ever had a time when you have this great idea, and in your head it sounds wonderful? You go out and do it, and you expect that people are going to contribute to the wonderfulness of your great idea. It never occurs to you that anything would go wrong. Then, when you least expect it, the very people that should have made it great, make it crap. Well, I had that recently. It sucked, but I’m doing what I always do, and that’s pick up the pieces and move on.

So what was the thing? Well, I found that a lot of people (artists and crafters) were starting their own FaceBook fan groups. You know, like how there are musician and artist fan groups out there? Only instead of waiting to be famous enough for fans to start a group for you, people have been starting groups for themselves. It’s supposed to be a way to connect with people who like your work, get them interested in you as a person and what you do, create a fan base, and a customer base. It’s supposed to be fun and it’s supposed to be about the artisan. Sounds good and easy, right? Well, not so much.

You see, it seems that people have gotten the idea into their heads that any group on FB is a place for them to advertise their own work. They don’t seem to grasp that “interaction” and “self-promotion” are not the same thing. A fan group, like a fan page or forum or chat, is supposed to be about the person it’s about, not about somebody else. You don’t go onto someone else’s fan space and pitch yourself. It’s not cool. It’s like getting invited to a friend’s Mary Kay party, and you come over and start trying to sell Avon to their potential customers. If someone did that, you’d kick them out and never invite them back. If you had a brick-and-mortar store selling furniture and someone came in, set up a display and started trying to sell guitars to your customers, you’d kick them out and never let them come back. Online though, people seem to think it’s totally okay to come into your personal or business space and try to steal your fans and customers.

What’s worse is that those people who are coming in and doing something rude, then act as if you’re the bad guy and the one in the wrong because you won’t let them hawk their wares and they call you selfish. They’re like, how dare you have a space about YOU! I have seen more than a couple of these types get their undies in a twist and start insulting and berating and going batshit publicly because they’re not getting their way. (not to mention PMing after they get banned to bitch even more) I’m sorry to say, but a person who creates their own space does not have to let you sell in it, and they aren’t selfish or wrong for making that decision. If you can’t figure out how to interact in a group without selling something, that’s a problem with you, not someone else.

So the group is gone. It could have been good, but people ruined it. I feel bad for the handful of friends and fans who understood and were actually into it. The jerks ruined it for them too. I have little doubt though that they (the pitchy people) still think they’re the ones who got wronged. Oh well, not my problem anymore. At least on my fan page and blog I can delete anything I don’t like and that’s that. My house, my rules. If some people don’t like me for my choices, that’s fine, because they weren’t going to buy things from me anyway, so their opinions don’t matter. Luckily, the kind of people who like me and my work, would never be swayed by someone’s butthurt ranting, so I don’t have to worry about that either. My real fans are some damn cool people. *grins*

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