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How to See More of Your Favorite FaceBook Page Updates in Your News Feed

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If you’ve Liked a FaceBook fan page, that’s great, and the creator probably appreciates it. Have you noticed though that you don’t see many of their posts in your news feed? It’s not your fault or theirs, it’s FaceBook. Luckily, there are things you can do to get more of those updates to show in your news feed. It’ll be better for you (since you can actually see what you subscribed to) and better for the person whose page you’re following.

Step 1: Like and comment on their content.
FaceBook weights what’s in your news feed by what you interact with the most. (partly anyway) Because of this, clicking Like on a post will cause FB to show you more posts by that person or page. Whenever you see something from a page you’re subscribed to that you enjoy, be sure to click like. Even better, leave a comment. FaceBook considers comments to be more important than likes, so it’ll bring other posts by that page to the top even more often.

Step 2: Go to the page.
If you actually go to the page you’ve liked from time to time and directly like content, FB seems to realize that it’s important to you and will put more posts into your news feed.

Step 3: Change your preferences.
If you really love a page, there are some options to get even more of their content delivered to you.

Facebook fan page Chris Cade

Click on the “Liked” button to get a drop down menu. The first option will allow you to leave the posts in news feed at default, or have posts from this page shown at the top of your feed before other items. The second option will allow you to get notifications (via the web, app or email, based on your overall account settings) when the page posts. You can select to get notified when they post a status update, photo, video, link, event, or any combination of those things.

If you follow these steps, you’ll get to see a lot more updates from the pages you like the most. If you own a page, you might want to share this information with your followers from time to time, to make sure they know how to actually see the content they’ve shown interest in.

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