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Titles and Descriptions are My Nemeses

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A while back I got the idea to divide the shop into areas, each with a theme, and have all of the themes connect to create an overall feel for the store. I love the idea and it’s not something that many other people are doing, which I think is cool. Unfortunately, this has meant a lot of changes, and some of it is hard for me.

I can make beautiful things until the cows come home (Why were they gone anyway?) but there are some parts of the creative process that I find rather vexing. Creating titles and descriptions is the hardest. So far 132 of the 246 items in the shop have new titles, and 122 have descriptions. That’s a little over half, but that leaves a lot still to do. I’ve been struggling with the rest.

I suppose it’s partly because I never think of these things when I’m creating. I just get an idea, grab my tools and materials, and go make it happen. Because of that, I don’t have titles and descriptions in my head beforehand. Plus, doing creative descriptions for items is totally new to me. So much of the online world says to be specific about details but not to get creative, that I drilled that into my head. However, descriptions that are fanciful and interesting can really make you stand out and capture the customer. Just look at Unicorn Farts Lip Balm and you’ll see what I mean.

I keep wishing that I had a creative friend who didn’t mind working in exchange for unending gratitude that could do the descriptions for me. Unfortunately, I have no such friends, or at least I don’t think I do. So, it’s up to me to come up with all of it. Eric has tried, but it’s just not his thing. I’m hoping that it’ll get easier over time, but right now, it’s definitely a challenge.

I really believe that having imaginative titles and descriptions will help us to stand out in a world of Yoda-esque SEO-focused shops. We’ll have to rely more heavily on word-of-mouth advertising, but I think being fun and unique could be better in the long run than being just like everyone else.

On the up side, the themes have made me think in new ways about what I’m creating. Rather than just creating whatever, I’m thinking of things that will fit into the various themes of the site. That’s kind of cool, because it’s making me think in ways I never did before. Instead of things being kind of neat but totally abstract, my designs will really mean something, and I think that might make them more appealing. My new amphora necklaces were spawned from this new way of thinking, and they are some of the best work I’ve done in a long time.

By the way, just throwing this out there… If anyone has ideas for a 2-3 word name or a 150-250 character description for any of the products that don’t have one yet, toss it at me. I’d love the help! Just try to keep in mind that the description has to match the theme area that the item is in, and that’s listed in the tags for the product.

All of this just reminded me that I wanted to come up with a story to put on the front page of the site that would explain the themes and tell the story of the shop. I need to get to that at some point.

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