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No More Yoda Speak, and Other Improvements to the shop

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Yoda Alien Cartoon Character
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     By now you’re all aware that Eric and I have been making major changes to the shop. We finished up with adding new tags and creating a “Shop by Tags” page for the site. I reformatted every listing on the shop as well. (All 254 of them!) Now we’re on to de-Yodafying the titles and doing final proofreading.

     For those who don’t get the Yoda reference, my time at Etsy had taught me that in a title, you had to put the most important words first, then use as many keywords as possible to fill the title space. What this means is I ended up with titles like “Incense Holder Dragon Steel Wire Wrap Beaded Black Blue and Silver.” It was what they suggested, but it looks ridiculous and seems a lot like how Yoda would speak. What we’re doing now is making them more human readable. For instance, that previously mentioned monstrosity would become “Blue and Silver Wire Dragon Incense Holder.” That’s a whole lot better, isn’t it? Sure, it doesn’t have as many keywords, but at least a person can make sense of it and it doesn’t look like tag vomit.

     We’re also fixing up some inaccuracies that we had in the listings, caused by companies not labeling products well. For instance, I just learned that most of my “gold-colored” earwires are actually brass. I also learned that  silver plated items are almost never sterling silver. With this and other new information in hand, we’ve made the listings much more accurate. I’m very happy about that. Oh, we’ve also fixed any areas where we had something like copper as a color when it was actually a material. Overall, things are getting much better in the shop.

     We’re most likely going to have all of the title cleanup and proofing done tomorrow. Next week we’ll move on to writing all new descriptions for every item. I have always sucked at writing descriptions, but I think my new theme idea is going to make it a whole lot easier to write about the items in a way that will actually make people want to own them. Getting all of these beautiful items out into the world making people happy is the whole point after all!

     Since we’re doing all of this to create clarity for the customer and to help us get more creative, I thought this spell would be appropriate:

Clarity Creativity Pagan Magic SpellFound on Pinterest, Author unknown

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