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Blog Changes, Etsy and the Government

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The blog is currently undergoing some big changes. (Yes, again. Sorry) We’re redoing the layout and adding our own web store.

We had been selling through Bonanza, then we went to Etsy. We thought that using Etsy was going to be great for business. Unfortunately, with their recent policy updates, things over there have become less than inviting. We sank a bunch of money into listings, and now we’re just praying that it will pay off before the items expire. For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is enforcing a strict “no claims” policy that affects all sellers on the site. No matter what you’re selling, you can neither say outright nor imply that the product will do anything for the customer. A seller can no longer say that their lotion will help with rashes, that a toothpaste helps prevent decay, that a gemstone has healing vibrations, or anything of the sort. It’s killing a lot of people’s business, and we’re being hit by it too.

From what I can tell, all of this is stemming from the FDA’s ridiculous rule that anything with a health claim attached to it is a drug, and that drugs have to be regulated by the FDA. Honestly, I feel like this is just the government trying to kill all small business, but I know others feel differently. Many are trying to claim that this is to prevent charlatans from scamming innocent buyers with unsubstantiated claims, but buyers should understand what they’re getting into and use some common sense when shopping.

I can’t count the number of homemade products that I’ve bought online, many from Etsy. I know that the product may or may not work as advertised, and that’s because I have a brain. It doesn’t take a whole lot of sense to know that not everything will work for everyone. Hell, there are plenty of FDA approved products that don’t work worth shit, but nobody goes after them. When you buy anything, from anyone, you have to know that it might not work for you. We don’t need the government getting into it under some guise of protecting poor, defenseless consumers from bad, lying sellers. There may be a lot of scams out there, but there are also a huge number of legitimate, honest sellers just trying to bring good products to the public.

We’ve decided to build our own web store so that we can get away from the policies that Etsy is enforcing, and save ourselves the heartache and hassle of waiting for other sites to adopt similar policies. We know the law, and we know how to keep our products in compliance. We did find it interesting that just as we decided to start selling metaphysical items, they came under attack at Etsy. Another interesting thing is that according to the FDA’s own website, metaphysical items, because their “healing” comes from intangible energy manipulation (classed as “mind-body healing”), are not within FDA jurisdiction. Now, the sellers of bath and body items are still in hot water, but the metaphysical folks aren’t actually breaking the law.

At any rate, we’re just going to run our own shop. It will take a while to move everything from the other sites, but we’re going to do it. When we put the items here we’re going to be processing payments off-site through PayPal so it’s secure. I know that’s not optimal, but we can’t afford SSL just yet. Using PayPal means we can do business and all of your information as a customer is secure at PayPal, not on our server. In the meantime, since our Etsy listings don’t expire until September, we’d like to sell off some or all of what’s listed there so that we can get our investment back and put it into the new shop. You can head over and look at what we’ve got in our Etsy shop, and feel free to share any items you think someone else might be interested in. If we can recover our fees before September, we’ll move all of the remaining inventory here.

Any thoughts, wishes, or happy metaphysical energies for success that any of you want to send is totally and completely welcome. I’m also sending thoughts of success to all of the Etsy sellers that have been affected by this, no matter what path they choose to take for the future.

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