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Moving To Texas, And Future DIY Projects

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Posted by / February 18, 2015 / 1 Comments

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We’re still a few weeks away from actually making the move to Texas, but I’m already getting myself fired up about some of the things that I’m going to be doing after I get there. I started off being really stressed about some of it, but I decided that I was better off looking at things from a new angle and trying to find ways to get excited about it all.

There are two things that have been stressing me, than kind of go together: The new place is going to have a lot less storage, and we’re going to be losing a bunch of stuff and be kind of sparse at the beginning. Now, those thoughts are pretty stressful, but thanks to some peaceful shower time and Pinterest, I’ve found ways to be more excited than stressed about both. Some of it might be out of my hands, but some of it I can actually work to fix.

I’ve been curating a couple of Pinterest boards to help myself out. DIY home and Crafting. The crafting one has some old pins, but also has new ones with DIY decorating ideas. I know I’m going to have some old CDs and DVDs kicking around, old magazines, old clothes and stuff like that. That kind of stuff can be great for decorating, and I won’t have to spend much, if anything, to turn those things into cool stuff to spruce the new place up with.

The DIY home board is full of ways that I can create stuff for the house rather than buying it. None of us has any problem at all with recycling soda bottles into a foot stool or old boxes into storage. The board also has ideas for sprucing up our crappy old furniture, and do-it-yourself replacements for some of the things we used to buy, like Swiffer dusters. I even pinned tutorials for turning grocery bags into a doormat and newspaper into woven baskets. I can turn the stuff we’ll have left from packing into things that are actually useful for our new home.

What made me even happier was realizing that as I’m doing all of this stuff, I can take photos and blog about it. Being able to share that with my readers sounds like fun. Seeing those ideas on Pinterest is one thing, but knowing that someone’s actually done them and how they did it is another. Plus, I always come up with shortcuts and alternatives that the tutorials never mention.

My only real stress right now is actually getting this move done. We’re still trying to find a place for mom, and that’s our only hold-up. I wish that someplace would open up so we could get her moved and then get ourselves moved. I’m getting really frustrated with the waiting. I’m also really eager to get back to full-time work and building my new life.

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    Wishing you all the best in your new life, your Texas born friend Todd Puntolillo

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