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Building Up The Zazzle Shop, New Art And Other News

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Paint Brush Image Edit Art Photoshop - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Paint Brush Image Edit Art Photoshop - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


I know my posts are rather sporadic these days, but I’ve been doing a lot of work on building up the Zazzle shop. I also haven’t been sleeping very well, so my creative mind hasn’t really been in gear for writing. I did want to let you all know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth or anything, I’m just busy working on the shops.

I have a goal to get at least 50,000 products up in the store by the end of the year. I have 33,161 up right now with a little over 800 more sitting in review. I’ve been trying to add at least 4-6 new designs a day. I’ve got to say, even though making the products is monotonous and boring, I do love seeing how good all the art looks on products and I’m excited to see that start translating into more sales.

I’m probably going to be spending Monday through Thursday adding designs to the shop, and Fridays doing new art. I know I have a huge backlog to add to the store already, but I want to keep my skills up and keep the creative part of my brain working. I don’t know how much I’ll get done each week, but I’m going to do what I can.

In other news, my legs have been doing better and I’ve been getting a lot more steps in. Saturday I broke 10,000 steps for the first time, getting a total of 11,903. Sunday I got 11,449, Monday 8,265, Tuesday 10,379 and yesterday 8,093. I’m well on my way to my million step goal with 312,392 steps and 126.18 miles. I never thought I would be able to do this, so it’s pretty exciting for me. It may seem like nothing to others, but for me it’s a big deal and I’m proud of my progress. It’s been a bit harder because it’s too bloody cold to go outside and I have to do it indoors, but I’m getting it done!

As for the moving situation, we’re in limbo again. I don’t know when we’re going. Things are still up in the air for Ms. B, so we’re all in a holding pattern for now. I’m just focusing on the Zazzle shop in the hopes of building up our reserves so we can better afford the move. We’re still short on cash, which sucks. I’m also hoping to sell off the jewelry and crafts, so if anyone’s interested, feel free to buy now so I can get them shipped out.

Oh, I’m also still trying to get hold of skyegabrielle, who is the winner of last month’s giveaway. I’ve sent emails and left a comment on the contest post, but still can’t reach them. If you’re reading this skyegabrielle, please contact me so I can create your prize for you.

I guess there really isn’t much else going on. Well, I have been trying to figure out why my insomnia has gotten so bad, but there’s not really a whole lot to say about that. I’ll figure something out. I’m also trying to get more people over to the G+ fan page. I know, everybody’s hooked on FaceBook, but I know that there are tons of people using G+, so I know I can get those numbers up eventually.

Well, I’d better get my butt to work. I’m already behind schedule.

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