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Please Delete Your FaceBook or G+ Group If You’re Not Going To Keep It Going

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Have you ever tried to look for a FaceBook group or Google Plus community to join, joined it, and then come to find out that it has been long since abandoned and there’s no activity and no moderator? Annoying isn’t it? Well, if the people who start groups and communities would turn them over or delete them, this wouldn’t happen.

So, the easiest solution to the problem of dead groups is to turn administrative privileges over to another member in good standing who’s willing to keep the group going. If you have a member like that in your community, go ahead and turn control over, and let them keep it running. If however, there’s no one you trust or you just don’t want to be bothered, the next best thing to do is to get rid of the group.

First, let’s talk about the FaceBook groups. Not surprisingly, it’s a pain to get rid of anything there, but it can be done. First, go to your group settings and make the group secret. This keeps it from showing up in results, and saves people a lot of annoyance. You can stop there if you think you might come back, or move on with the rest of the process to completely get rid of it.

First, you have to click on each member of the group and remove them. If you have a lot of members, be sure to have a few cups of coffee handy to get you through.


After everyone is gone but you, remove yourself. This will delete the group for good, and it can’t be recovered.


If you have a G+ Community, it’s a whole lot easier. Just go to the settings gear in the community and click “edit community.”


Scroll to the bottom and click “Delete this community.” You’re done. The community and all its content are gone.


By getting rid of communities and groups that you’re not tending anymore, you save people looking for an active place to go a lot of time and trouble. I know that we can get all fired up about having a group, then for whatever reason we don’t want to deal with it anymore. It’s fine, but out of respect for others, you should really get rid of things rather than leaving them there dead. If everyone did this, it would be a whole lot easier for others to find active groups and communities to get involved in.

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