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Weight Loss And Proof That My Faith Is Real

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Scale Weight - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile
Posted by / December 1, 2014 / 0 Comments

Scale Weight - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile


I’m really happy about my recent weight loss. And you know, regardless of what other people may believe, I see this whole thing as an example of the universe lining up for me, and I’m grateful for it.

See, I’ve been monitoring my weight. Not obsessively like I used to, but enough to keep an eye on things. 115-130 is healthy, 120-125 is my “happy weight”, so as soon as I went over 130 I knew that I had to do something. I didn’t freak about it though like I had in the past. I grabbed uncle’s old pedometer and started walking more. Then I was putting one of my Bing rewards onto my amazon account and saw the FitBit Flex on my wish list. I also saw, by whatever stroke of luck, the rating on that device, which was really low. After some research, which I got some help on, I realized that the One was a better device.

I was wavering on whether to buy it, because we’re short on cash right now. I had $60 in Amazon credit, but the device was $94. Then, with someone’s help, I realized that I still had early Christmas money in my purse, exactly enough to buy the FitBit One without a penny out of pocket. Then, to my surprise, I had a trial for amazon Prime available, even though I’d used my trial up last year. So I was able to get free shipping, and test Prime Video, which was something we wanted to do anyway.

So I’ve gotten the device, and already lost 1.7 pounds in 6 days even though, by following the FitBit plan, I’m eating about 200 calories more a day. I’m already stronger, and strength was something I’ve been aiming for. I’m breathing better, I’m happier, and I feel more in control of my body and I’m enjoying the extra work. I’ve also met some cool people in the FitBit community area, at a time when I’ve been searching for people I have something more in common with.

I know there are a lot of people, “coincidince theorists” is what they’re being called now, who think it’s all just chance and means nothing. To me, this is proof of my faith in action. This is proof that my beliefs and practices are leading me on the right path. These are things to be very grateful for. Oh, and I’m making a new friend too, along with my new online partners in fitness. These are all good things, and even though many think I’m crazy or weird, I believe in this path that I’m on.

I may not have everything that I want yet, but I see what’s happening as proof that if I believe, take notice and have gratitude, things will keep getting better. You never know, maybe Ome is leading me to my new life through this fitness thing. Maybe it’s just one unconnected good thing and a sign of things to come. No matter how I look at it, I’m happy.

So what do you think of the strings of good things that happen in your life? Coincidence or higher influence? Do you offer gratitude when these chains of good happen?

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