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Good News On My My FitBit Experience, Day 6

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FitBit One Fitness Tracker
Posted by / November 29, 2014 / 0 Comments

FitBit One Fitness Tracker


Well, it’s day 6 with my FitBit, and I’m really happy with the experience. I have to say I’m very glad that I made this purchase. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m feeling great and looking forward to my improvement.

I didn’t quite hit my 5,000 step goal on Monday, but I got the unit late in the day. I’ve surpassed it every day since, and got my first badge. I’m still aiming for more badges, but it’s going to take a while. The unit and the site are quite motivating. I love looking at the progress meter to see how far I’ve gotten, and it’s kind of fun when I get past one of my friends on the leader board. I haven’t gotten above 4th place yet, but I keep working on it.

I mentioned in my last FitBit post that I hadn’t tried the sleep feature yet, but I have now. The band is really soft and comfortable and I don’t notice it at all when I’m sleeping. I did have to change the setting to sensitive though, because it said I was sleeping all night when I wasn’t. It’s much more accurate now. It does remind me that I need to find a way to sleep better. I’ll have to work on that one.

I have found one bit of difficulty with all of this, and that’s the food logging. I get up at 12PM and go to bed at 4AM, so part of my day is actually the next day. I have to log some of my food on the previous day to make it track properly. It’s a small annoyance though, and I’m dealing with it. I wish I could set the hours of my personal day, but I don’t suppose they’ll have that feature anytime soon.

What really makes me happy is that even though FitBit has been telling me to eat more (about 200-300 calories more than I used to) I’m still losing weight. I burn at least 200-400 calories more than I eat, and I’ve already lost 1.5 pound this week. That’s really great. My pants are looser today, and that’s the surest sign that I’m making progress. My legs are also getting firmer, and I’m recovering well from the strain of all the walking. I was super sedentary before this, but I’m happily working in that 5,000 steps a day, even when I have to do laps around my bedroom to do it.

I think that this device was a great purchase. I was doing well with the pedometer, but this is so much more motivating. The timers every two hours help me remember to move, and just having it on is a reminder that I want to be healthier and stronger. The weight loss is pretty awesome too. At this rate I can be back at my happy weight in under seven weeks. I’m also feeling stronger, and I love that. I’m even breathing better, which is a pleasant surprise. And despite the lack of sleep, I feel more energized. Who’d have thought that this little device could do all that? Of course, a positive and motivated state of mind really helps. So does the friendly community of people over there. I’m really grateful to have this in my life right now.

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