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It’s All About Motivation

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Desert sand arid land - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Posted by / November 23, 2014 / 0 Comments

Desert sand arid land - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


Again, it’s been a while since I posted. 9 days I believe. I know I should be posting more, but as the title implies, it’s all about motivation. Unfortunately, the lack of views and interaction has left me with very little of that. I don’t think it’s me though. There seems to be something odd going on out there.

I posted a little about it on my G+ profile. I haven’t been hearing from people that I know, and I have seen a general lack of activity on the internet. It’s not lacking on everything though. Memes and politics and other nonsense are getting their attention as always, but anything personal or important or educational is being ignored. I’m looking at other people’s profiles and such, and seeing that if they’re actually communicating and sharing worthy things, they’re getting nothing in return. One that really got to me was a lady who suggested that people tag inspirational women to combat the idiocy of the #BreakTheInternet situation. She has a huge following, but I was the only one to respond. I would have thought that lots of people would have latched on to that idea, but no. It didn’t even get a respectable number of +1s.

What is wrong with people lately? I know people’s first thought will be that everyone is distracted because of the holidays, but that doesn’t appear to be true. Upon inspection, people have plenty of time for memes and nonsense online, but not for anything important. Since my switch to G+, I have seen a lot more of the content that I’m interested in, and I’m grateful for that. However, that content is hardly getting any interaction. it’s really sad that people aren’t paying attention to things that matter. Especially with it being the “season of giving,” you’d think that people would be a bit more interested, at least temporarily, in positive information and worthy causes.

So many spiritual people said that 2014 was going to be the beginning of a major paradigm shift, but I’m not seeing it. I really want to though. Maybe they were a bit off and it’ll be 2015. I have to hope so. It’s hard for me to see how we have this amazing ability to connect and share via the internet, and it’s being wasted. And for those of us sticking to our beliefs and trying to make things better, the world is becoming a cold and lonely place. So many out there are wrapped up in ignorance and materialism and the mass propaganda, that we’re all just drifting further and further apart.

As for me, I’m trying to hang in there. I’m getting the distinct feeling that I’m being shut out. If that’s true, I suppose I’ll just soldier on and pray for something better to come along. I suppose that all, or at least most of us, who believe that people can change and become better and are fighting for that, feel the same way. Being outside of the norm gets lonely, like walking in that big, empty desert. I can only hope that somehow we can start coming together and things will get better.

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