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Busy On The New Book, Sorry For The Lack Of Posts – Soul Journey Musings #18

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Chamomile Herb Tea - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Posted by / September 16, 2014 / 1 Comments

Chamomile Herb Tea - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


Hey all. I’m so sorry that there haven’t been any blog posts in a while. I have been really busy working on my new book, and all of my focus has been there. I promised that I wouldn’t let the blog completely die, so I’m here making a bit of an update so that everyone knows I’m still here and I haven’t forgotten.

So, wow, seven days since my last post. I’m really sorry about that. I wish I could find the time to write for the blog and the book too, but it’s been hard. I’ve also been kind of sick too. I’m feeling better, but dad took us out to the movies and I think we caught something from the unwashed masses. Just for the record, Guardians of the Galaxy was really good. I’m super grateful that I was able to see it in the theater. That was such a treat and a special gift to us.

As for the book… The Herbal Correspondences Handbook is well underway. It’s taking longer than I’d like because of all the research. My god, so much of the information out there is screwed up, wrong, hard to read… Ugh! But that’s a big part of why I’m making this book. It will be clear, easy to follow, and full of information that’s actually correct. I wish I could make it go faster, but it’ll take as long as it takes to be done right.

In other news, the fundraiser is still running. It hasn’t done very well, but some people have been kind enough to give, and some others have been raising awareness of our situation and that of some of our friends. One of my closest girlfriends, Lyn, is having a super hard go of it, and she’s got a fundraiser going too. We’re both helping each other try to get what we need. Some other people have really been supportive too, even though they can’t offer money. It’s been wonderful to see that even amidst the people giving us shit for having fallen on hard times, there are people who are loving and kind and I thank Ome for each and every one of them.

Right now that’s about all that is going on. Well, I’m trying to get my head straight on a few issues. I’m not rid of all the stress yet and I haven’t been as good to people, or to myself, as I should be. I’m doing my best not to let the world get me down though. I want to finish this book, put out more, blog, sell jewelry, build a great new life… There’s so much I want to do. And I want to see the good in the world and in people.

Anyway, I’m already running super late for the day, so I need to get my ass in gear. I’ll try to update again soon.

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    Busy girl! Keep on keepin’ on 🙂

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