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Another Day Of Book Formatting – Soul Journey Musings #13

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Gold Gears - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Gold Gears - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Well, today was another long day of book formatting. I managed to finish The Dark Side 10 and get it into the publishing process, and 19 Years, 400 Poems is halfway through the formatting process. For anyone who’s never self-published a book, let me tell you, this process is a hell of a lot of work.

I’m glad to have the ability to publish my own books, but it’s a lengthy and tiring thing to do. I really hope that it all pays off and I start making a lot more sales because of the new books going out. And not just sales of the new books either, I’m hoping that by having new content going out it will also renew interest in my other work too.

Eric’s been busy as well, he got almost 900 new products into the Zazzle shop. We’re both hoping that having lots of new products available will offer people more buying options and therefore more income. I’m also affiliating people here on the blog, and even got some gratitude for it today, which was really nice. It feels good to be able to help others while helping myself at the same time.

I also updated the fundraiser with ways that people can help without donating. Of course, we still really need people to donate though. But every little bit helps. anyway, I need to go chill for a while. My eyes and hands are incredibly tired. All this work is good, but it’s got me totally worn out.

Writer At Work - Available at Zazzle

Writer At Work – Available at Zazzle

So here’s what I got done today:

  1. Pinned several articles from the blog
  2. Got my Bing, Bonanza and MyPoints credits
  3. Promoted a Bonanza item
  4. Promoted some items on Zazzle
  5. Wrote and posted a new blog post
  6. Updated the fundraiser
  7. Added Zazzle affiliate images to 8 posts
  8. Formatted The Dark Side 10
  9. Proofread The Dark Side 10
  10. Published The Dark Side 10 in paperback
  11. Reformatted book for epub(Nightmare!)
  12. Published The Dark Side 10 in ePub format
  13. Submitted the book to Kindle, iTunes, Nook and Kobo
  14. Updated the books page with the newly published book
  15. Started formatting 19 Years, 400 Poems
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