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Our Hopes For The Near Future – Soul Journey Musings #12

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flowers White Sky Nature - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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flowers White Sky Nature - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


I figured that some of you may be wondering exactly what we’re hoping to do with the money from the fundraiser, so I thought it would be a good idea to spell it out so you know what you’re donating to or supporting.

To be honest, $8000 is less than what we’re going to need, but we had to start somewhere. The Texas option is looking less like an option every day, so we’re trying to get enough money to stay where we are. In order to do that, we have a lot of up-front expenses to cover, as well as other bills. I’ll break it down:

  • Since the vehicles belong to our housemates, we’ll need a car of our own. Used and/or ugly is fine, as long as it gets from A to B dependably. (We are too far into the boonies for public transport or walking.)
  • Almost all of the furniture, appliances and housewares belong to the roommates, so we’d need to replace it all. I have no problem going to Goodwill or something like that, but we’ll need to replace pretty much everything in the kitchen and living room, possibly including the stove and refrigerator.
  • We need to be able to take over the rent, utilities and other expenses. We’ll ditch cable TV if we have to, but we don’t have any other extraneous expenses. We’re guessing $2000 a month will cover what we need.
  • We’d like to be able to have enough saved to pay everything for 6 months. That’s why I said we’ll need more than $8000, but that much would get us a couple of months.

Of course, as you know, we also need sustained income, which is why both here on the blog and on the GoFundMe I’m talking about the other things that we’re doing. We absolutely need to secure housing and bills for a few months, but we need to have enough money coming in to keep paying for it all. That’s why it’s so important and helpful for all of you out there to share as much of our content as possible. The more people know that we exist, the more money we’ll be able to make. It is our dream to secure our own place and make a living doing what we love, and we’re going to fight for that as hard as we can.

If we can’t stay here, We’ll lose our ability to work as much, and we’ll likely lose the animals. I don’t want those things to happen. I’m a fighter and I want for us to have a good life. We have worked our fingers to the bone for years, and it’s about time that things work out for us. With your help, we can get the exposure and income that we need to be safe and happy. Every single one of you can help by donating, sharing the fundraiser, and sharing links to any of our work. This week I’ll talk more about what we need you to share and how you can be a huge help even if you’re not donating. However, we do need that $8000 by November 15th to have any hope of making a real future.

Thank you to any and all of you for your support. We also welcome prayers of any kind, and if you’re into it, we wouldn’t turn down some prosperity spells cast for us too.

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