Wisdom Bites is Coming Your Way! - Soul Journey Musings #10 - BrianaDragon Creations

Wisdom Bites is Coming Your Way! – Soul Journey Musings #10

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Computer Keyboard Shift Keys - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


I spent most of today working on Wisdom Bites, and it paid off. The book is finally out there for all the public to find and buy loads and loads of copies of. [smiles] I was really hoping that I could finish it so that I could start working on other books next week, and I got it done!
I didn’t complete as many tasks today as I did yesterday (actually, after making this post I did more), but reformatting the book for each thing was a nightmare and took a lot of time. My hand is actually trembling from holding my hand in “heading 2” position (#15) for so bloody long.


  1. Promoted an item from my Bonanza Shop
  2. Promoted three items from Zazzle
  3. Got my Bing and MyPoints credits
  4. Did some research regarding Zazzle
  5. Tweeted about a Zazzle sale
  6. Added three new food photos to FaceBook
  7. Took and edited screenshots from the WayBack machine
  8. put up my blog posts
  9. Updated the fundraiser
  10. Finished proofreading Wisdom Bites
  11. Converted the book to PDF
  12. Published Wisdom Bites in print
  13. Converted book to mobi format
  14. Published Wisdom Bites on Kindle
  15. Pressed CTRL+ALT+2 365 times
  16. Published Wisdom Bites as epub, it’ll be on Nook, iTunes & Kobo soon
  17. Promoted a bunch of posts on Hootsuite
  18. Promoted a Zazzle sale (USE CODE: LUGGAGETAGS2)
  19. Consolidated another Pinboard
  20. Tended my MindBloom tree
  21. Meditated
  22. Helped make dinner

And now it’s time to relax and get ready for the weekend. I feel really good about what I’ve gotten done in the last few days. I hope that next week will bring lots of productivity, traffic, sales and donations.
Have a great weekend everyone!

(Light blue items were added after the original post, but still today.)

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