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A Fairly Productive Day – Soul Journey Musings #9

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Wisdom Bites Book Cover - © Briana Blair
Posted by / August 28, 2014 / 0 Comments

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Wisdom Bites Book Cover - © Briana Blair

Well, I think today has been a productive day. I always feel like I didn’t get enough done, but I think I actually did a lot. A friend advised listing off everything I do in a day so that I can see what I accomplished, so here it is, at least what I can remember:

  1. Beat another map on Bloons without using Monkey Money
  2. Promoted one item form the Bonanza shop
  3. Promoted three items from the Zazzle shop
  4. Wrote and posted three blog posts
  5. Got my Bing credits
  6. Collected my MyPoints
  7. Watered the plants
  8. Made Southern tuna salad for lunch
  9. Got another food photo for FaceBook and eventually the blog
  10. Spent too long on Tumblr looking at inspiring quotes and being distracted by stupid crap that I had to unfollow
  11. Tweaked the subscriber bar and box on the blog
  12. Scheduled 15 more posts on Hootsuite, which catches up the backlog
  13. Got my daily blurb up on Persona Paper
  14. Added the final 64 entries to the Wisdom Bites book
  15. Talked to and helped a depressed friend
  16. Created the front and back covers for Wisdom Bites
  17. Started proofreading Wisdom Bites
  18. Got a donation on the fundraiser
  19. Took care of my laundry
  20. Tended my MindBloom tree

While I was reading my Wisdom Bites and realized that I need to take more of my own advice. There’s one of them, #331 that really hit me. I’ve been thinking that everything I’m doing is so hard and that it’s never going to work out in time. Can you say “self-fulfilling prophecy?” I need to get my head out of that space and back into the belief that if I put my heart and hard work into all of this, that it will work out.

It is actually possible for the fundraiser to get to the goal in 80 days. It is totally possible that Zazzle will take off and so will the books and everything else and I’ll start making plenty of money. It’s fully possible that I’ll start getting regular sales at Bonanza, or even sell out of my whole inventory. I have to remember that anything is possible, and the things I want aren’t even improbable. With faith, I can accomplish this, I just need to keep my head and heart in the right place.

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