A Fundraiser And Some Updates - Soul Journey Musings #5 - BrianaDragon Creations

A Fundraiser And Some Updates – Soul Journey Musings #5

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Treasure Chest Money Gold Coins - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


I’ve been eluding to the fact that there’s some serious stuff going on with us lately, but I haven’t been big with the details. In true Briana fashion, I’ve been keeping it mostly to myself and only sharing with my closest friends for the purpose of brainstorming. Now… Well, I keep telling people that they need to share and talk and not internalize because it’s unhealthy both mentally and physically, so here’s where I lay it all out.

I think I’ve mentioned in passing that I live with dracoselene (Eric) and two other people. Well, it’s been a great way to afford a nice place for all of us, but it’s coming to an end. One of the housemates is going to be moving away, and that leaves the rest of us to figure out where to go. The only option for us currently is to go to a small place in Texas with a relative, but it would actually put us in a worse situation than we’re in now. There would be less space, no privacy, we’d have to leave behind a lot of things, and worst of all, we may not be able to take the animals with us. It doesn’t help that this option is not on the table because the relative wants it, but simply because they can’t stand to see us homeless. It would not be optimal for anyone.

There is another possibility, though a tough one to accomplish to say the least. If we could raise enough money, we could take over the rent and bills at our current place and stay here. It would take a lot of money though. Not only would we have to pay the rent, utilities and such, we would also need our own car and to replace all the furniture and appliances that the roommates would be taking when they leave. That’s a lot of cash. I have the fundraiser set to $8000, but honestly, I think we’ll need a lot more than that. But we have to start somewhere, right?

So I have a fundraiser going. The widget is over there at the top of the sidebar, and it’s also on the “Support Us” page. Any and all donations are massively appreciated. Anything you can give will help, and of course, sharing the fundraiser far and wide would be great too. This is a huge undertaking, but I think that if enough people help out, it can become a reality. I have seen fundraisers get over $30k in one week, so I know that it is possible with enough support. You folks might rally together and get us enough money to be safe for a whole year for all I know. I’d sure be happy if that happened.

Now, on to the next part. I know that a lot of people get weird over donating, thinking that maybe the person is just lazy or scamming. I can assure you that neither of those is true. We have been busting our asses to get our business running, and we have no intentions of stopping. There are a lot of reasons why we can’t work regular jobs, but you can bet your bippy we have been doing all that we can from home. We are working harder than you can imagine. It is our dream to make a living doing what we love and are good at. We might not be able to get traditional employment, but we can and do work. We’re trying to make the most of everything we do.

As this thing progresses, I’m going to be talking more about what we’re doing. You can always help by buying things from us, but you can also be a huge help by sharing too. I’ll be offering up plenty of ways that you can help us have a sustainable future, even if you can’t or don’t want to give money. We need to build a network of supporters. Not just to get the money we need to stay right now, but to build our business so that we never need to ask for help again. You can be part of helping us find that success, and I really hope that you will. I know that a lot of people are on hard times right now, but if we all reach out and help each other, we can make a change. And I assure you, I will still be helping others through all of this. My hard spot won’t keep me from doing whatever I can to help others better their own situations.

I really pray that this all works out. The thought of losing the fur babies and not having Christmas has been so depressing to us. If we can stay, we can keep moving forward instead of getting knocked so far back. We really want to succeed, to stay here doing what we do and making the world a better place. I thank each and every one of you who does anything to help us make that happen.

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