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Overvaluing the Superficial and Undervaluing the True Self

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Mask Cracked Face - Image: Public Domain, SXC
Posted by / August 14, 2014 / 2 Comments

Mask Cracked Face - Image: Public Domain, SXC

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”

Malcolm S. Forbes

Advertisements, the media, and society have ingrained in us what the ideal person should be. If we do not fit into that criteria, we are the enemy. Society wants to create this army of perfect robots, so they begin throwing their ideals to everyone as soon as we are pushed out of the womb. We have to stick to a specific time line of development. We have to develop ideal social skills. If we deviate from “normal” social skills, we are thrown pills and given a “mental illness” label. Even if we are somewhat quiet or shy, we are seen as being “odd” or “wrong.” When we enter junior high and high school, we pay more attention to what society and advertisements are telling us. You learn that being even slightly overweight is “wrong” and “boys won’t like you.” You learn that if we are not wearing what is “cool” and “in,” the popular crowd will bully you. Girls end up comparing every boy to Justin Bieber, and boys compare every girl to Selena Gomez. So these teens try to measure up to these “beautiful people.” Many teens try to live up to these high expectations of who they are expected to be that they never learn who they are meant to be.

As adults, we are bombarded with advertisements telling us who we should be and what we should look like. If we want our husbands to desire us, we need to wear Victoria’s Secret lingerie and get a Brazilian wax. We need to be fit in order to be of value in this world. We need to walk around wearing the latest designer clothes because that is of great importance in life. When we go to high school reunions, everyone brags about their spouses, their corporate jobs and their beautiful children. If you come in and you are not at the same level as your former classmates, you are looked at as if you are a failure, despite the fact that you are doing exactly what you want to do.

A lot of people pay so much attention to playing the appearance of success, according to society’s standards, but does anyone ever take the time to figure out what is right for them? What is it that you really want? I know for me, I just want to find inner peace and self-love. I want to find out what it is that I am meant to do with my time here on Earth. I couldn’t care less about what society expects of me. I couldn’t care less about what my former classmates, my acquaintances, or anyone else thinks about me. I just want to serve my real purpose in this life, whatever that may be. I want real happiness. Everything else in my life (friends, romantic love, money, jobs, health, etc.) is just extra. I want to know that I made a difference. I live my life for me.

Screw everyone else’s expectations and society’s expectations.

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    Eric Peacock

    If more people listened to their heart instead of the media, what a world we would live in.


      The problem is that the media has poisoned so many hearts and twisted so many minds. We must be the change!

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