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I’m Sorry To The Skinny Women I May Have Offended

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Braid Hair Blonde Woman - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Braid Hair Blonde Woman - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I was reading a post online about body image, and in the comments a woman stated that she was naturally thin and sick and tired of hearing that “real women have curves” and that she needed to eat. Not that she cared what shape other women wanted to be, she was only upset that people who are against the media trend of stick thin women automatically assume that all slim women are anorexic and shallow. She made a good point, and I feel a little bit bad.

I’m reasonably certain that while I’ve expressed my strong opinions against the media trend of being unnaturally thin, that I’ve been sure to state that all women should love their natural shape, whatever that is. I do believe that I’ve even talked some about skinny shaming, though I’d have to go look to be sure. However, I want to take this opportunity to apologize to all naturally thin women, in the event that I have ever led any of you to believe that you’re not beautiful or that I have any disrespect for you.

I try to be sensitive to all sides of the weight issue, since I believe in and support natural beauty. However, I do realize that in our (natural body supporters) desperate attempts to help women who are heavier than the media standard feel good about themselves, we can accidentally lump naturally thin women in with the ones we target for not being true to themselves. We can sometimes lose sight of the fact that not all slim women are that way because they’ve been broken by society, and those naturally thin women don’t need our help.

It’s okay to be big or small, heavy or thin, so long as you’re healthy. No size is better or worse than another. It’s only a problem when you’re doing unnatural things to your body in order to try to be what someone else wants. I can’t say for certain, but I think this is what most people who say anything to skinny women are thinking. I think we just sometimes lose sight of those who are naturally slim. We see so many women dieting and vomiting and getting surgeries to be thin, that we fear for all thin women. We should think a bit more, but I believe that our hearts, and certainly at least mine, are in the right place.

What it boils down to, really, is that all women should love their natural bodies. They should be happy with who they are genetically designed to be and not try to be what the media wants. And that woman was right: “real” women don’t have curves. Real women love the skin they’re in, no matter what. Real women know not to listen to the media and they know that they were made just how they were supposed to be. If I ever made anyone think differently, you have my sincerest apologies.

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