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Kids Need Breakfast To Start Their Day Right

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Breakfast Food Waffle Juice - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Breakfast Food Waffle Juice - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


I recently became a part of the No Kid Hungry blogger program, and today’s email from them sparked thoughts for a post. The email was about funding school breakfast programs. i can remember being a kid and relying on that program, so it actually strikes close to home.

When I was young we were really poor. I didn’t get breakfast in the mornings during grammar school and I didn’t always get lunch. I was sometimes given a bag lunch, but it was really horrible and since there was no way to store it, sometimes it wasn’t even good by the time lunch came around. Some days I didn’t have anything at all. When they started the breakfast program I was really happy, because it meant that I would get something to eat and not be so tired and foggy all day. breakfast consisted of a small carton of milk and either a small box of cereal or a muffin. It wasn’t much, but when you’re hungry it seems like a total blessing.

Without proper nutrition a child can’t focus and learn. Their minds are foggy and they’re tired. Having a full stomach gives them what they need to get through more of the day. Breakfast programs and lunch programs are really important. With so many jobs being taken out of the country, minimum wage being far too low and costs constantly rising, a lot of people are hungry. No matter how many hours they work, some parents struggle to bring enough food into the house. It’s a sad fact of our screwed up society. It would be best if wages were increased and prices were kept down, but it’s not easy making that happen. Until things like that change, school food programs are a crucial part of keeping kids going so that they can get a proper education.

I have a few ideas for how those of you out there with enough money can help those with less, but those will be written up in the future. for now, one thing that you can do is to go over to the No Kid Hungry page about the breakfast program and take some action. Read, share, and please donate if you can. No person should ever have to go hungry, but it especially pains me to see children going hungry. That should pain anyone who’s a human with a heart. We should all be doing whatever we can to make things better in this country.

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