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In Memoriam of my Chronic Migraines

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universeMy wife has written a few posts about healing yourself and they reminded me of the things I have been able to cure in myself. I’m a horrible skeptic so to say that I don’t believe in “laying on hands” or other mystic healing methods is an understatement. There isn’t a whole lot of data to support healing a broken bone with only your mind, but there IS plenty of data showing that stress and emotional health can have a detrimental effect on your body.

I’m here to remind you that stress, emotional well being, and mental state can have a tremendous impact on your physical well being. It would be very easy for you to search the internet for the detrimental effects of stress. But what about looking for data that supports the opposite? Have you considered all the ailments that you can CURE by eliminating stress and adjusting your mental state?

Some years ago I had chronic migraines which caused me to quit a job. I tried going to school only to develop a horribly debilitating headache which lasted over two years. That’s right, I said the ONE headache lasted TWO YEARS. I went to 6 different neurologists, all of whom had a different theory and a different medication. I wound up with an addiction to tramadol (a painkiller) thanks to the incredible pain. One day I decided to stop listening to doctors and stop taking all the painkillers.

It took me a month but I kicked tramadol to the curb. I decided to learn to cope with the immense head pain without medication just like I learned to control (eliminate) bipolar disorder. I (re)learned to meditate and relax.

Skip ahead to present day. I have gone from debilitating migraines multiple times a week to only a few a month that only last an hour or two. All with my MIND and my own will to make it stop. In case you didn’t catch it, I also have absolute control over bipolar disorder, a lifelong mental condition. I am living proof that you can kick horrible problems to the curb by cultivating a strong mental attitude.

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