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Using Stupidity and Insanity as Motivation to Write

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I have found over the years that there are two things that really motivate me to write: stupidity and insanity. Whether you realize it or not, many writers use these two things as fuel for their writing.

I often write about insanity, even though it may not seem that way at a cursory glance. I write about things going on in the government and the world. The things that I see as crazy and wrong become fuel for my work. I share how I think and feel about those things and encourage other people to think about them too.

Stupidity tends to be a big motivator for me. I’m actually writing this very post because of what I deem to be a kind of stupidity. People in a group I belong to got into a digital screaming match over something that was pure opinion. How is that inspiring? It inspires me to think about the issues that I see. Why were they fighting? What points did they miss? What does it say about people and behavior? What does it say about the common way of thinking? I can write about all of these things. I can also learn not to be like those people, and I can even write about that.

If you ever feel yourself lacking for things to write about, try looking at the world around you. What bothers you? What seems wrong? What just seems completely insane? How are people interacting with each other online or in your life? What do you think about that? All of these things can give you something to write about.

Not only is the world full of inspiration for writing, when you start looking at how people interact and communicate, you can better understand them. You can learn lessons of what’s a good way to be and what’s not. Pay attention to how the things you see and hear make you feel in the first instant you come across them. That improves your internal compass. You’ll become more observant and if you choose to, can use nearly everything you encounter as a way to become a better person.

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