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Top 5 Social Sites Everyone is On These Days

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Internet Tree Icons Media - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Internet Tree Icons Media - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

You’re a member. You know you are!

More and more people have internet access these days, and there are some sites that people just can’t seem to get away from being a member of.

I’m constantly working on networking and getting the word out about my sites and work, so I keep my eyes open for the most popular sites that people are interacting on. The following seem to be the top 5 sites that nearly everyone is a member of these days.

FaceBook – When you think about who’s on FaceBook right now, you realize it would be a much shorter list to figure out who’s not on FaceBook. In case you somehow don’t know, FaceBook or FB is one of the biggest social networks out there. MySpace used to be the big deal, but with all the blingy themes, auto-playing music and viruses, people who were serious about networking left and went to FaceBook. Professionals and average folks alike use FaceBook, and there are a huge and growing number of celebrities and companies who have FaceBook Fan Pages.

Twitter – Ah, are you a Tweeter? Or is it Twitterer? Either way, everyone is getting a Twitter account these days. Whether you’re tweeting what you do all day or links relating to your interests, sites and work, there’s usability for everyone. Twitter started off as a way to tell people what you’re up to in short, 140 character blurbs. Now more and more people are using Twitter to get short news bursts out to customers and other interested parties. Bloggers and those doing internet sales find Twitter especially useful. There are also people sharing quotes, information, and yes, what they had for dinner last night.

Google – If you think Google is just a search engine, think again! Google has more services than you can shake a stick at. They own Blogger, they have Google Calendars, Analytics, AdSense, YouTube, Google Reader and so much more. Few people who do any kind of work online aren’t using at least one of Google’s services other than search. Google Plus Profiles have become a great place to share everything you do through their network of services as well as others. Oh, and let’s not forget Gmail, which seems to be right at the top of the list when it comes to free internet mail systems.

YouTube – To quote one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets, Walter: “What happens in D.C., stays on YouTube!” That and everything else that anyone does. People post videos of everything from their drunken exploits to their cat doing something cute to instructional videos and everything in between. If you have a video recorder or a cell phone with video, you probably have a YouTube account. And even if you’re not uploading video, YouTube can provide a tremendous amount of disgust, amusement or even education.

LinkedIn – It may not be one of the best known social networks yet, but it’s getting there. If you work online, or anywhere for that matter, you’re probably the owner of a LinkedIn account. Somewhat like FaceBook for professionals, LinkedIn allows the working masses to talk about their profession, connect to other worker and companies, and even find a new job. With our failing economy, networking with other professionals in your field can be extremely valuable, and that’s what LinkedIn offers.

So those are the sites that everyone seems to be on these days. There are others, but if you ask most people, they belong to at least one or more of these sites, whether they realize it or not. (FaceBook and Google connect to just about everything under the sun these days, and they’re expanding.) I have to admit that I’m a member of all 5, plus about 20 more. Kinda makes you wonder what would happen to the world if there was no internet anymore. Heaven forbid!

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