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Your Life is Not Too Boring to Write About

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I’ve noticed something over the years that I have been writing. Well, a couple of things actually. For one thing, there seems to be a stigma on writers who add a personal touch as opposed to expressing dry facts. Also, a lot of writers refuse to write personal pieces because they either think it involves oversharing or that no one would be interested in their life. I’m going to talk about that second one here.

Picture this: A person with only two friends who lives with family, doesn’t own a car or a phone, doesn’t have a regular job and rarely gets to leave the house. Doesn’t sound like a very interesting person, does it? They couldn’t possibly have anything to write about that people would care about, right? I just described myself. And yet, here you are, reading yet another piece of my work. I’m a prolific writer and people keep coming back for more.

You may think your life is boring and that you can’t possibly do any personal writing because your life is so “lame”, but you’d be wrong. Think about all the experiences of your life. Everything you’ve seen and experienced. There’s a lot. You can talk about any of that. You can give your take on anything that’s happening in the world. You can find all sorts of things to write about even if you think you’re the most boring person on the planet.

I used to think I had nothing to say and no one would care even if I tried. Man was I wrong! Several books and several thousand articles later I know that I have tons to write about, and there’s always more. I can dig into my past, think about the future, give my take on any of a billion topics, and there’s an article. Or 10 or 1000. You may be surprised at how engaging your life really is.

Even if nothing of note has ever happened to you, you can even write about that! Write about your boring life and share the dreams of all the things you’d love to experience. Live vicariously through people who comment. Even boring can become interesting if handled right, but chances are, you have loads of interesting personal things to share with the world.

Consider trying personal writing. You can still do the dry stuff, but give other things a shot. You may prefer one over the other or do both, but never think that you don’t have enough in your life to make personal writing interesting.

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