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Writing Prompts: Animal/Color/Place – Color/Food/Thing

Broccoli Vegetable Blue - Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
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Broccoli Vegetable Blue - Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

Writers use all kinds of things to get their creative juices flowing, and writing prompts are pretty common. A writing prompt is just something to give you a kick-start so you can begin creating.

I don’t do a lot of fiction or creative writing anymore, but I’d like to keep my skills up. This may be helpful to some of you out there, but I’d also like it for myself. So, maybe you can give me some writing prompts.

Animal/color/place and color/food/thing are both good prompts for short creative writing. Blue Broccoli Sticker Collectors is one I did from color/food/thing. Zapper the Zipper was just a common item and I was playing with using the same sounds a lot.

In the animal/color/place, place can be anywhere, like bathroom or China or in a dumpster or on the moon. In color/food/thing, any object will work as a thing, even crazy stuff like booger, hubcap or skin flake.

So why don’t you throw a few animal/color/place or color/food/thing prompts at me? I’ll see what I can do with them. it might be hard, it might be fun, but either way it might get my creativity flowing a bit, and yours too.

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