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Tips and Tricks for The SIMS 2 Life Simulation Video Game

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Fire Flame Burning - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Fire Flame Burning - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Some tips to make your game more fun

I have nearly all the SIMS 2 games, and I really enjoy them. Here are some things that I have learned, and I’m passing them along to make your game play experience easier and more entertaining.

1. Never leave your SIMs unattended when you first move in a new family. More often than not, one of them is going to try to cook something in the oven and will start a fire. Even if you built the house yourself and installed a fire alarm, it is likely that the fire will spread, burn the kitchen, ruin your SIM’s motives and possibly kill one or more of them. If you want to avoid problems until your SIMs have some cooking skill, go into Buy Mode right away, take out the stove, replace it with a counter, and give them a microwave and a blender.

2. Never queue up another action after you tell your sim to make a meal that is cooked in the oven. If you do, they’ll go to complete the other action and forget the food in the oven. At best the food will be burned and your SIM will get sick or vomit from eating the meal. At worst, it can light your kitchen on fire and possibly kill nearby SIMs. When you tell a SIM to cook, let them finish cooking and start eating before you queue up more actions.

3. If your SIM passes out from heat stroke, get them to a fridge and have them Get Snack… Juice. If they can’t make it to the kitchen, buy a soda machine from the Electronics… Misc category and drop it by the SIM. Order them to buy a drink. Getting a beverage into your SIM is the best way to save them. Do not tell them to take a shower or bath, this will only make the situation worse and can lead to the death of your SIM. Oh, and if your SIM gets heat stroke while indoors, go into Build Mode and look for missing ceilings. If even a single square is open to the outside you will have “weather in the house” and anything that can affect your SIM outside can happen to them inside.

4. Unless you have a hack that keeps your plants in perfect condition, don’t put Build Mode plants anywhere on your lot that a SIM can’t reach. Many lots that have beautiful landscaping have used the move_objects on cheat or the snapobjectstogrid false cheat, which means plants have been placed where neither a SIM nor the gardener can reach. If the plants can’t be tended they will get unruly which drops the environment score, and eventually sprout weeds which drop the score even more.

5. If you’re planning on using connecting stairs anywhere on your lot, be sure you put them in the right place before doing any other landscaping. Sometimes when you’re attempting to place the stairs they will flutter and shift. When they do this, they will wipe out anything in their path. I learned this the hard way, and had to replace all the plants and decor on my lot after the connecting stairs deleted them all.

6. Keep an eye on your SIMs physique. If you feed them every time their hunger begins to go down, they’ll get fat very quickly. I suggest not feeding them until the bar is 50% or lower. It’s also a good idea to make them work out for at least a short time each day to keep them fit, unless you actually want a fat SIM. I’ve also noticed that food made with fish you’ve caught or fruit and veggies you’ve harvested and stocked in the fridge keeps their hunger meter filled longer.

7. If you have a second floor without walls (like a rooftop hangout) don’t put a radio or stereo right near the edge, especially the front edge. If you do, your SIMs will often dance down on the street instead of in the desired area. If you have a lot of people over, this can cause traffic issues and even cause cars to get caught on the street and become permanently stuck.

I hope these tips will make your SIMS 2 gaming experience a bit smoother and more fun. As I come across issues or other things is the game, I’ll probably write more tip sheets to help people along. I know how annoying it can be searching all over the web trying to find an answer and not getting one, so I’ll share what I can to help you along. Happy SIMming!

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