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The Impulse To Soldier On

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Posted by / July 31, 2014 / 0 Comments

forest gloomy alone personWe all have those days. Days when we wonder why on earth we got out of bed in the first place. The clock ticks by at an abominably slow rate and everywhere we look we are reminded of our inconsequential place in the universe.

Times like this are truly a test of determination and perseverance. Will we throw up our hands and just give up? Will we succumb to the pressures, or can we rise above? Do we have what it takes to continue on?

Some days the only thing which keeps us going is the simple desire to soldier on. To keep going regardless of the circumstances surrounding us. Not out of hope for the future, but in spite of it. When hope is dissolved and prospects are gone, when faith fails and confidence evaporates. When all we have is the drive to not stop our journey, not yet.

We still have many miles to go on this journey. Some of it will be rough, some of it will seem insurmountable, but all of it is survivable. It might seem bleak today, or this week, or even this year, but what about tomorrow?

This is when being ignorant of the future can be a good thing. I may have gotten no sleep last night, but I don’t know how I will sleep tonight. Perhaps it will be blissfully restful. I may be despondent and stressed right now, but I could experience a miracle in the next hour that turns my fate into rainbows and candy.

Sometimes, ignorance and the simple impulse to soldier on are all that I have.

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