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My Growth As a Writer is Unlimited, So is Yours

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One night I was watching a video, and they were talking about how wanting to double your business is so limiting, when you have unlimited growth if you want it. That got me to some fun thinking about my writing and numbers. I thought it might be fun and motivational to share.

According to WorldOmeters, there are about 7,176,599,000 (7.1 billion) people on Earth. If every person read just one of my articles and I got a penny for it, I could earn $71,765,990.00 (71 million).

Cut that in half to account for people who don’t have the internet and you still have 3,588,299,500 people or $35,882,995.00.

Cut that in half again to account for people too young or old to use the internet. You still have 1,794,149,750 people and $17,941,497.50.

Cut it in half again to account for people who don’t speak English and you still have 897,074,875 and $8,970,748.75.

If you cut it in half one more time to account for people who just aren’t interested, you still have 448,537,437 people and $4,485,374.37.

Who could complain about earning 4.4 million dollars? And you know at least some of those people will read more than one piece. Some of them will share socially and get others to read too. And there’s translation too, so you can get back some of those non-English readers. The numbers can start going back up. Then you think about the possibility of reprints, book deals, TV appearances and all the other amazing stuff that can happen… WOW!

Now, I just kept cutting in half because it was easy, I have no idea on the real numbers there, but that’s not the point. The point is, if only 1/16 of the population read one article, I could make a ton of money. Even if it’s 1/32, that’s still a pretty good chunk of change, and it can always grow. So while other people are thinking about how hard it all is and how little they’re getting and how to get more and, and, and… I’m thinking about all the awesome possibility. It’s really fun and cool to think about.

Have you ever thought about all the possibility attached to your writing? It’s awesome! Ponder it for a while, it’s fun!

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