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Meaningful Writing Doesn’t Make Money

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One of my connections wrote an article recently warning new writers (to paid writing sites) that meaningful posts won’t make money. They seemed to suggest that one should write meaningful pieces only for the love of it, and focus on writing the same thing everyone else is writing if they want to make money. I have an issue with that mentality.

I’m sick and tired of seeing emotionless, useless posts about what celebrities are doing, rehashing of what we’ve already seen on the news, and reviews that are better suited for GoodReads and Amazon. I much prefer to read people’s personal thoughts and stories. I want to know what matters to people. Even opposing views interest me because I like to learn and think.

It disturbs me that people have latched onto this content farm mentality. Churn out the same junk on every site. Make every place a clone of the one that came before. Keep your own thoughts and feelings out of it. Money is king, meaning is crap. It really bothers me.

I don’t want to pander to the lowest common denominator of society. I don’t care if it does make me more money. I have to get up every morning and look at myself in the mirror. I have to go to bed every night thinking about how I got the money I made. I’m not going to compromise myself just to make more money. Does that mean I’ll make less than those who will compromise themselves? Possibly, but I stick to my guns. I believe we need to turn the tide and make people think, not encourage the ignorance and laziness that’s so prevalent in our society.

Unfortunately, most people care more about the almighty dollar than anything else. They want a buck in their pocket and all else is secondary. They’ll engage in whatever practices are most profitable, even if they are contributing to the problems of society. I know we all need to eat, but we also need to realize that we shape society. What we do and say spreads and affects others. If all we do is perpetuate bad ideas and bad ways of living, nothing is ever going to get better. We have to buck the system and do what’s right, shifting the common thought so we can earn from it.

So, I’ll content myself with possibly making less than others. I’ll do what’s right regardless of the income potential of other methods. But that’s me. You do what you please. I do hope you at least take a moment to consider your priorities. Is money really more important to you than being a good person and positively affecting society? Can’t we find a way to get both?

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