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How Writing for A Content Site Can Help You as a Book Author

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Writing for content sites may be more beneficial than you think

I have written for content sites for years and have found that it can be extremely helpful if you want to write a book. Keep reading to find out how writing sites have helped me to produce books.

I had been trying to write books for quite some time, but I never had a lot of luck. I had a hard time coming up with enough content to make a respectably sized manuscript. However, since I started writing for writing sites I have produced enough material for several books without even thinking about it.

For a little background: I used to write for eHow. I managed to put together a how-to book from the content I wrote for them, but the format was very limiting, and I didn’t really want to become the “how-to girl”. When I left eHow and started writing for Associated Content, I was able to write about anything that crossed my mind, with no real limitations.

As I produced content for AC, I noticed that I was writing a lot of certain topics. I started appending the titles with things like “Arts & Crafts 101” and “Spiritual Living 101” to make it easier for my readers to find all of my related articles. I was also keeping a master list of all the articles that I’d written to ensure that I didn’t write the same thing twice for any topic.

I kept my master article list sorted by which topics I wrote about. As the list grew something hit me. I wanted to write books, and I had nearly enough content on some topics to make a pretty decent book. Without even realizing it, I was writing multiple books at once, and I was getting paid for my initial efforts.

Since I published all of my articles on Associated Content as non-exclusive, I had the freedom to publish them elsewhere. I was getting paid to write the articles through them, I was getting views and reader feedback, and I still had the option to compile them into books at a later date. It’s a win/win situation no matter how you look at it.

As my collection of content keeps growing, I’ve been compiling the articles into books. Now I have a great base to work from, and I can just put in some additional content to bring it all together before publication as a book. It’s a great thing to realize that this has been happening, and my dream of having many published books has become a reality.

If you want to be a book author and you’re not already a content site writer, you might want to think about it. they give you the ability to make money from your work as you build enough content for your book. You can watch your views and learn what’s popular and what’s not, and you can get feedback on your articles that lets you know how readers feel about your content.

I have stopped writing for content sites like Yahoo, Bubblews and persona Paper, but I now focus on my blog, and that can provide the same thing. I can turn any category into a book once I’ve written enough pieces.

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