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Bridalplasty – Another Horrible Reality Show for Women

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Bride Dress Wedding Marriage - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Bride Dress Wedding Marriage - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Brides compete for plastic surgery. Seriously?

Bridalplasty was a reality show for the E! Network, which is now in reruns. Brides compete a-la Survivor to get plastic surgery procedures and a lavish wedding. Do people really watch this rubbish?

I rarely watch E!, but one day I was sitting in the living room watching an unfortunately edited version of Knocked Up when I saw a commercial that left me speechless. Bridalplasty is another “reality” endeavor for the E! Network. If the title isn’t bad enough, the premise of the show is enough to make any decent human being gag.

Women getting ready to take the plunge into wedded bliss will be competing for the chance to get multiple cosmetic surgery procedures over the course of the show in the hopes of achieving their perfect look prior to the big day. The last woman standing will also receive a lavish, celebrity-style wedding paid for by E!

It was apparent even in the short commercial that this show is going to be like The Real World meets Survivor, with women being as devious and underhanded as they can be to win the coveted surgical procedures. One woman, apparently a host, even says something to the effect of “The doctor can fix looks, he can’t fix personalities.” This gives a pretty good clue to what these women will be resorting to in order to win.

I think it says a lot about the women competing in this show that they would even consider it. The man must have loved them enough to propose, but they hate themselves so much they’re willing to back-stab and cat-fight for plastic surgery and a fancy wedding. These women can’t be very good on the inside if they’re willing to participate in this trash television nonsense.

I could understand it if the women were disfigured in some way and this was a way to look normal. Even then though, the reality TV methodology is wrong. To prove you’re deserving is one thing, to fight for it like some cheap game show is just sickening. These women are sinking to all-time lows, and apparently so is the network. Shame on E! For even going there.

It’s just as much a shame that the American public would want a show like this enough that the network would create it. Are we that bored? Are we that superficial? Shows like this and Bridezillas really show how bad this country is getting. As if the rest of the useless staged “reality” television wasn’t bad enough, they have to make shows that prove even marriage is a superficial materialistic thing to many people. And here I thought marriage was supposed to be about love. I guess not. It’s about nose jobs and having a more expensive dress than anyone you know has ever had.

In the good news department, this show only lasted one season. In the bad news department, Bridezillas has had 10 seasons and other trashy reality TV shows are blanketing the networks.

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